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Am I trying too hard? Possibly, but hey, like being overdressed, its not such a bad thing really, is it?

Mikasa Terra Stone in so many gorgeous shades. Circa 1970’s but so totally modern. The shape of the jugs [yes, I like jugs, I’ve announced it, its finally out there] is just perfect.

God I am a nerd…

Genuine 1966 advert courtesy of

Mug in Green Tea

Check out the ‘Rhubarb’ Spoon, freaky but kind of cool.

More jugs!

All these florals too! I don’t actually have them in my house but I keep picking them up. Its the Libran in me…

Yep, thats a corny title I know, but hey, feel free to come up with a better one than mi -e -ine

And while I am in the mood, it kind of suits…

She’s got a smile that it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories
Where everything
Was as fresh as the bright blue sky

Axl Rose

Dotty for spots, stars & stripes. My favourite Cath Kidston patterns.

This is just the beginning…

Mikasa Terra-Stone Bristol Blue

Pyrex Mugs

CK two
[Cath Kidston, set of 6]

Bucket loads more to come [you’ll see what I mean, I also have a thing for buckets]

Must have been a milk maid in a former life.

Vintage Tupperware Pink

Vintage Tupperware & plastics in gorgeous 1950s gelato colours.

Standby for icey blues, green, yellow and white.

A little bit of green.

The cutlery tray is Gayware. Yes, Gayware. It was the 50’s.

A Sydney product too, fittingly.

Just the tip of the ice [blue] berg…

Vintage Pyrex in a vibrant array of colours

This category is dedicated to my boy Luke [6] junior buccaneer

Dear People of Mad Men

I have more orange bowls for you…

The little Amsterdam Houses? Delftware blue and white porcelain reproductions of old Dutch canal houses, once filled with  jenever [a Dutch liquor.]  Given to Business Class travellers on KLM flights.

Koffie Grinder, thats a whole other Story coming soon.

Blue & white plates, would look great on a wall or use as mismatched set.

Death to  matchy matchy.

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