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so we can make sandwiches…

He’s Margarine, I’m Butter.

Have you heard the line spread a few years ago that Margarine is one molecule away from plastic?

Check it: The Butter Truth

Either way these synthetics are pretty smooth.
Retro Décor from the 80’s

The Substance collection

Trolleyed? It is party season…

Not up for even a little shopping?

You could spend your time more cheerfully making mix tapes for presents. My brother made me one for a significant birthday and it was one of the best gifts I received. Use your own favourites or have a rummage through the second hand CDS from Charity Shops.

If you only pay a couple of dollars and then get one or two decent tracks to suck in, its cheaper than iTunes and for a good cause and, of course, recycling. Then send the disks back on their merry way when your done, everyone’s happy.

Here endeth the lesson

Smoke it up Bitches
Jesse Pinkman, Season 4 Episode 4: Bullet Points

Hanging out for the next round…

This one is a total crackpot, it’s Broken Bad

Gorgeous but kind of useless

Could use some ice

These are clean

For my Cut Lunch, packed with teenage nostalgia
RIP James Freud [1959 – 2010]

Embrace the inner pink

Milk Money [Box]

There is a line but I’m going to let it go…
[it’s a bit off]




For the offspring:
Junior pilot in Blue Cloud

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