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Ho hum,
Summer holidays coming to an end… Sad face :-[
Though it wasn’t much of a summer.

Back to school tomorrow… Thank God face [anyone know that emoji?]


Little fella has his uses.

Can you handle this? Non bone…

various poses

The wooden spoon
[not coming first can be a good thing]

Oh honey…

Faking it…

Dirty Martini.

Olives too much…


Word on the street.

[I literally did stumble across this,
some time ago in Mona Vale…]

Gold plate.

Its vintage, but not as old as all that.

Crack a tinnie.
I dropped the Duff, as you can see, its had a bender.

My son came up with this title, clever little guy. Especially since he didn’t know there was such a thing. But then he broke one of the handles on my set of 5, whatever, now I have an even set of 4. And some spares.


Vintage Green Bakelite plastic Picnic Set, includes cups, saucers, plate & tumblers [6]

Small porcelain teapot with strainer, made in Japan




Lancome Heart Plate [Garage Sale Avalon]

Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs Miniature

I love the little things…


Enamel dinner plate, The Antique General Store 

6 x Serviette Rings, [little knives, forks & spoons] a wedding present, once brass, I had them powdercoated


Vietnamese Orchid Vase, Mona Vale
[where one goes when they can’t go to Vietnam, not]

Wooden Knitting Needles, Salamanca Markets, Hobart

He loves to take your cash.

Cuter than Burt Reynolds. All stash no ‘tash.


Plastic Money Box
Avalon Red Cross $2

Miss Plastic Queen Hungary Entrant 2012.
Under strain, can’t eat.

[This is a real pageant, click here if you don’t believe me]


Tupperware Vintage Jadeite Green Colander circa 1960s.
An aging Beauty.
Set of 6 Jade plastic Chopsticks, equally lovely.
Discovered in Vinnies Mona Vale NSW.

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