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Pink bits give some lift…

Extra support.


And I meant Dish of course…

I heart this guy.
I picked him up in a garage. It was cheap. Sweet.

He puts it all out there…

This one has 2 brothers.

Use individually or altogether. Your choice.

A distant relative of the…

Not to be leafed out…ferny guy. He’s into the environment. Might be a Kiwi.

Definitely original.

Use or hang. Approx 30cm.

[Local garage sale $1]

Homer: Marge, where’s that… metal deely… you use to… dig… food…

Marge: You mean, a spoon?

Homer: Yeah, yeah!

Someone’s long lost love. Not Monty Burn’s.


I picked him up at the Red Cross, now he’s [sanitised &] ready to get back in the game.

If you don’t mind some signs of age and character, a few superficial scars

maybe you  can let him be your teddybear u-huh

[You might need to love him tender though]


List? Listless?

I didn’t make one. But I have resolved to be more grateful.

Anyone care to comment? Please do. Bueller, Bueller…


If you don’t think you’re happy enough…
[or you want to teach your Grandmother to suck eggs]

Here’s to a New Year. Well may it be

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