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I got this some years ago at Chapel Street Bazaar Prahan. One of my favourite shops in the world.

Carried it down the street in my arms [is child size but also a long street!] not pushing Eliza Doolittle style. Totally worth the walk . So very very adorable.


Has anyone seen Drive with Ryan Gosling? OMG.  Nightcall. [Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx]. New favourite song. Awesome soundtrack, solid movie.
These two subjects [vintage children’s wheelbarrows and Ryan Gosling’s prowess as a driver not to mention ability to look cute in quilted bloody satin] are seemingly unrelated except by me right now, but there you have it. The queen of tenuous links. They both are about wheels… One is a little more sexy than the other though.

Going now.

I want to hang this on the wall of my country house, it’s been built already [somewhere] but it aint mine yet, consarn it.

Do you like my French? Non.

And no talking like a grizzled 1890’s Prospector either.


The Johnson family reunion. Almost the whole gang.
Blue Clouds ahead.


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Those Johnson Brothers. You’ve got to hand it to them.
Still looking sharp after all these years. [Circa 1960’s]

Love the Dawn.
One more would be nice…

Hosted 2 birthday parties in one weekend. A 4 yr olds Cheeky Monkey Fairy Disco and a 7 yr olds Science Party.
As you do. [If you are insane.]

Volcano Cupcakes. My concoction.
The lava is red liquorice, nuked slightly.

I need a drink. Make mine toxic. Please.


Polluted glasses by Fred.

Set 6 available for hire.

and toasted.

Um, what a corker? Sorry, can’t help myself. In many ways.

The most awesome of drinks coasters [it is a small insignificant category, granted], perfect  for my new table and toast rack.


Set of 8, Cork Toast Coasters Myer.

The toast rack was part of a new discarded random breakfast set  I found at The Red Cross Newport.

[Someone ate the jams and donated the toast rack & egg cups]. Lucky me. I got toasted twice in one week.

Sweet corn plates.

This is for my cute friend Emma who says corn is her
deserted island food [if you could only take one thing].

Not what I would choose but, as you may be aware,
I like it corny. But not with a K.


My new Apple Notebook.

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