FYI Johnson Bros, I’ve moved on. [For now] I’ve found a Kiwi substitute.
Check this.

Cheating patterns.

‘Fabrique’ by Crown Lynn NZ

Set 4 bowls, virgin status $40
Set 2 plates, unsatisfied, wanting more… $10 each


For your viewing pleasure:


Classic Kiwiana, Crown Lynn pottery was a popular feature in the 1960s home. From its rustic beginnings as a brick and pipe manufacturer in the 1920s the company expanded into domestic production.

During World War II, no crockery was imported in New Zealand. Under direction from the wartime Ministry of Supply, the company made thousands of coffee mugs and plates for American forces stationed in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, as well as utilitarian tableware for NZ military and domestic use.

Crown Lynn became renowned for goods that were sturdy and reliable.  The now iconic New Zealand Railways tableware cemented this reputation, having almost mythical unbreakable status.

The company reached its peak in the 1960s, becoming the largest pottery company in the Southern Hemisphere. Success did not last however as import tariff restrictions were lifted. Economic difficulties and company takeovers also contributed to the demise of Crown Lynn in 1989.

Now Crown Lynn is more popular than ever, with pieces highly sought after by collectors fom op shops to auction houses. References to the brand can often be found in New Zealand interiors magazines. Their beautiful designs were a celebration of the new and reflected the changing tastes, shapes and patterns of the era.

SOURCE: New Zealand History online, wikipedia