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Japanese Royal Aurum souvenir Los Angeles

The irony.
My husband just returned from there. Today I find this in Brookvale Salvos. Not like, California.

Two somewhat different shopping experiences… la la la.


Vintage gold trim Beverly Hills souvenir plate.

Royale Aurum
[Made in Japan]


So sweet.
Set for a family picnic.

And this is for my boy:
A taste of Regular Show. Latest favourite.
[Cartoon Network 4.30 & 7.30pm AEST]

Watch the full Ep here dude.


Or more appropriately, now that I have your attention,
House of Pawn.

The Vinegar Stroke. Geddit?




Bunch of mugs. Old school types.


$10 each

Go the Tooheys!



Been thinking about this title for a bit, suddenly it seemed appropriate. No reason.

Age is not a problem.
In fact it’s charming, to be blunt.
Watch yourselves gentlemen.

Melon Baller. Circa 1950’s.


Predictable. Basic. A muscle job.

Hand beater.


Commando. Jungle mode.

Gird your loins.
Awesome that I get to say that.


Bamboo Nut Cracker

These hired hands might be a little outside their usual line of business
but they’ll show you’re a pro. Lock stock style.


Cheese Tools, Engraved

My partner has gone flying for business reasons jargon jargon jargon synergy jargon. 30 Rock anyone?
Anyone? Bueller…Bueller… Fry…Fry?

This is what I would like in return for minding the nest.

1x Eames House Bird.


Fine Print [offer must include at least 1 pref. 2 of the below]

1x Agent Provacateur Perfume

1 x pair of Michael Kors/ Kenneth Cole/ Max & Co  will accept Miu Miu nude leather flats size 39

1 x Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes [Macys]

1x CK Eternity [you know it]

1 x Mac Lipglass in Apple something

1 x pair Tweezerman

that is all


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Bottom of the barrel but full of pure 70’s bad taste.

The drink you have when you’re not having a drink.


Look familiar? My dad had one. This is not it.

Keg Mug $5+postage

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