I have nothing against Dolphins personally [the only one I am familiar with is Flipper] but I’m just not that kind of chick.

Hearts, flowers, unicorns, teddybears, butterflies etc being the kind of greeting card cliches I avoid like the plague. [To steal a line from The Kite Runner]

Travelling through Europe one summer became a mission in dolphin spotting [tattoos that is]. The most notable was a dolphin with a rose in its teeth. I’m hoping it wasn’t yours.

So I surprised myself by admiring and then buying this guy.  I say guy because I am resisting the presumption that it is a girl. They seem like such feminine graceful elegant creatures. So much like myself I should appreciate them more [bull:- which is also what you call the male of the species].

Plus it was only a buck. It just has no porpoise…