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If there was an Olympic Category for Shopping
I would have a medal in the bag.

Ceramic Handmade Shopping Bag Vase.

David Jones Silk Scarf bought for $3 Lifeline Dee Why.

Shame this ball’s not used in any Olympic sport…
I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor.

Disco Ball [11cm] for 50c @ Avalon Red Cross.

Keeping the flame alive.

Marimekko iittala Kivi tealight candle holders.
Scored for $7 each at Lifelife Mona Vale. Gold.





Green glass pair of pears.

Wooden pair of pears, bought on Arab Street Singapore.
Non vintage = Perky.


Feeling empty…

and having trouble pulling it all together.


In some…

trying to break a habit.
Obsessively trawling for junk.

But this kooky, crazy gear  in case you start imagining I’m some tragic crack ho.

[Chips I accept, cracks not so much]

Anyway, just messing around. [Semi] Straighty 180 at your service.

Here’s a lovely confirmation I am not the only junkaholic out there.


PS: and another

Need to chill…

Can’t get my fix. Not available in Australia yet.

I’m talking Breaking Bad of course.


Hooked as well?
Score this excellent quality product and use it
to pass some time…

Gullaskruf Swedish Smoked Glass & Chrome Ice Bucket



Jolly good. Straight to the pool room lads.

Always on the hunt for an offering from the Johnson Bros.


Side Plate: Full Cry
Saucer: View Halloo [Fox hunt call (don’t say that quickly) when the fox is seen in the open.]

Fancy? $20.00 and it’s yours.

Do you know this girl? Please help her find herself.


Undated. The Children’s Press
Hard back edition, circa 1970s


Kermit wears: Barbie’s Vintage Brocade Jacket [from her short-lived unknown Elton phase], no pants.

Mini Cognac glass: stylist’s own.

I should cut down on milk [so yesterday] to use these über cool retro German numbers or find a sideboard to display them, expresso.


Espresso Cups  x 4 & Milk Jug
Stamped 27 [my favourite number]
Made in Germany


Drained. [2 half pints on 2 weeks school break.]

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