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 vintage cake pastry biscuits stacking containers

It’s my birthday.
Living it up with [free] afternoon tea here. Right now.

Stacks of Pastry, biscuits and cake.

Fromage Thailand.
Dairy is not Queen or King in this lovely smiley gracious country but I’ve managed to sniff out enough mouldy fatty heaven to smile and wave maniacally. Crackers? Yes, yes I am and loving every minute of it.

retro cat vintage mouseCatch this not so perfect pair

Going on an o/s holiday. Yay. Things are on the up.

Had to pay off a lay-by before I went. Look what it was.

Suddenly globes everywhere…

Regret about a small globe I didn’t buy in Red Cross Avalon. Its base was quite ug and plasticy grey so I put it down, plus sometimes I have to show some restraint. Oddly and annoyingly I always skimp on something that later becomes a concept. I picked up one globe in the council throw outs recently, its base was ugly so I just kept the ball, its been rolling around the house. So has this inflatable one I got from a now non-existent shop.

Another favourite of my worldy goods, my very own global chain…

Necklace from Zimmermann outlet, Rosebery.
See you round : ]

I haven’t planted any of these I promise. And won’t.

Dear Lord, thank you for this microwave bounty, even though we don’t deserve it. I mean… our kids are uncontrollable hellions! Pardon my French… but they act like savages! Did You see them at the picnic? Oh, of course You did… You’re everywhere, You’re omnivorous. Oh Lord! Why did You spite me with this family?
Homer Simpson.

Season 1, Episode 4, There’s No Disgrace Like Home

hostess picnic divided tray retro orange with lidretro hostess containerRetro Melamine orange plates and tumblers

Homer is no hipster, but …
Actually, I’ve come around on hipsters, it takes a lot of courage to all wear the same hat. 

Season 23, episode 5: The Food Wife



Colour doesn’t get much of a run in my house.
‘Does-It-Come-In-White?’ is my middle name.

But then, with a view like this, feature walls seem redundant…

We started off with a blank canvas.
You could call this canvas ‘Polar Bear In A Snow Storm’ or ‘Albino Rabbit In Macro’ or some other third thing [Spongebob movie anyone?].
Anyhow the white stayed.

When I do colour it’s usually ice-ice-baby blue. But something’s shifted. 180 degrees. I’m not trying to be negative [ha] but now I’m turning to black. I blame the bird [the non-Eames House Bird].

I’ve always worn black. Classic. Dramatic. Looks good with blonde hair. A no-brainer. The colour selection I mean, not the blondness…

Mimco Black $10 Sydney Airport

Now its creeping in like that inky thing in Spiderman 3. The Symbiote.

Vintage pie bird from Sister-In-Law Mel, goo from Eumundi Markets $2

Suede laser cut mats. Picked up at a closing down sale, Belrose last year.

Check this.

Waechtersbach, West German pottery bowls & small jug.

The bowls are not perfect, a hairline crack in one, a few chips here and there…
Still: – an insanely gorgeous design, I was thinking when I bought them I might use the bottom one as a planter [cracked] but I don’t think I can bring myself to do it. They look so great stacking. The jug is in great nick and was not what I’d call a bargain [$30] but I love this set so much I’m glad I bought the 3 pieces. Luckily my hubby doesn’t read my blog anymore.


I picked this up too. Later. Egg Cup, chipped but only $2. I love it. Small succulent from Wild Lotus Newport $3.

PS: Stay tuned for succulents. You succ much?

I’ll Never Sell salt and pepper shakers.

Told you I love jugs. the spotty one is an original 50s piece. Immaculate.

I do like black tea, sadly not as much as coffee though…


It’s a question, it’s a statement, it’s an appeal.

Shop now.  Please, so I can buy more…


PS Or email me:
if you see anything you love not listed. xo

Thankyou to the lovely Edwina and her awesome blog
for passing on this inspiring recommendation.
Edwina is a passionate collector and seller of thoughtful, quirky, kitschy, artful nostalgia.
And she really knows her stuff. Bakelite, ceramics, metals, vintage photographic equipment to name a few categories.
Please have a look. Cheers re:retro.

In the words of Ned Flanders:
Well get out the crayolas and colour me Tickled Pink!

So in order to receive this honour, gloat gloat, bowing majestically to imaginary audience, I am to reveal 7 [random] facts about myself and nominate up to 15 blogs I feel worthy of a One Lovely Blog Award.

So here its goes…

1. I once thought Dr Zhivago was a Bond film.

2. I leave cupboard doors open a lot and don’t know why. It even pisses me off.

3 . My house is quite minimal. But my built-ins are maxed out.

4. I often buy clothes for the label. But not how you would think.

5. I vomitted at Stonehenge. Monumental hangover. That was not a sight worth seeing. I scared a family in their car.

6. I do Bikram yoga 2-3 times a week. It keeps me sane.

7. I write 3 pages of junk almost everyday. Its like a mental download.

And because I can’t decide which extra point to eliminate [yes, probably the puke story should go…]
here’s a bonus because I like to give free stuff.

7b. I used to paint pictures from my travel photos. I would like to go back to it. [Travelling and painting]

But wait there’s more…

7c. I loathe curling ribbon. Such an ugly waste of energy going on and off.

And so without much further ado [about nothing] may I present some other Lovely Blogs…
I don’t have much time for blog surfing, so I am sure some of my favourites have probably been previously awarded. Even so, they deserve another mention being as awesome as they are.

PS: If you know of any cool ones I’d really love for you to let me know via comments. I need all the inspiration I can get and its great to share the love.
Thanks. Smiling and waving.

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