Thankyou to the lovely Edwina and her awesome blog
for passing on this inspiring recommendation.
Edwina is a passionate collector and seller of thoughtful, quirky, kitschy, artful nostalgia.
And she really knows her stuff. Bakelite, ceramics, metals, vintage photographic equipment to name a few categories.
Please have a look. Cheers re:retro.

In the words of Ned Flanders:
Well get out the crayolas and colour me Tickled Pink!

So in order to receive this honour, gloat gloat, bowing majestically to imaginary audience, I am to reveal 7 [random] facts about myself and nominate up to 15 blogs I feel worthy of a One Lovely Blog Award.

So here its goes…

1. I once thought Dr Zhivago was a Bond film.

2. I leave cupboard doors open a lot and don’t know why. It even pisses me off.

3 . My house is quite minimal. But my built-ins are maxed out.

4. I often buy clothes for the label. But not how you would think.

5. I vomitted at Stonehenge. Monumental hangover. That was not a sight worth seeing. I scared a family in their car.

6. I do Bikram yoga 2-3 times a week. It keeps me sane.

7. I write 3 pages of junk almost everyday. Its like a mental download.

And because I can’t decide which extra point to eliminate [yes, probably the puke story should go…]
here’s a bonus because I like to give free stuff.

7b. I used to paint pictures from my travel photos. I would like to go back to it. [Travelling and painting]

But wait there’s more…

7c. I loathe curling ribbon. Such an ugly waste of energy going on and off.

And so without much further ado [about nothing] may I present some other Lovely Blogs…
I don’t have much time for blog surfing, so I am sure some of my favourites have probably been previously awarded. Even so, they deserve another mention being as awesome as they are.

PS: If you know of any cool ones I’d really love for you to let me know via comments. I need all the inspiration I can get and its great to share the love.
Thanks. Smiling and waving.

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