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Andy Warhol would complain during his nearly obsessive daily shopping regimen of antique stores, galleries, auction houses, and flea markets.

Though best known as an artist, Warhol was also a passionate and informed collector of unlikely antiquities and offbeat Americana. He began to collect seriously in the mid-1950s and continued to do so until his death in 1987. During this time period he was not only incredibly busy making art, but he was also collecting everything from cookie jars to contemporary art. He collected Fiestaware, World’s Fair memorabilia, Art Deco silver, Native American objects, folk art and he often acquired large collections as well—Hollywood publicity stills, crime scene photographs, and dental molds. All reflecting his interest in Pop Art and his inspiration: consumer culture.

vintage mcdonald happy meal snoopy dolls

At times I think, ‘Oh God, I wish I could be more focused’ – only collect bronzes or Sèvres boxes or something like that. Yet what’s a man to do?  So much beauty. So little time.

John Rosselli.

I  found this quote in an old issue of Country Style [Dec 2009] while, ironically, trying to cull my massive collection of magazines.
Never having heard of Mr Rosselli [I am not in the habit of collecting antiques, bronzes or whatever those fancy sounding boxes are] but the collection of beauty hit home. So I did some investigating [aka googling] and found this article on him @ belle

I like massing objects. I’m known for blue-and-white porcelain. A group of boxes—small, large—looks great on a table. …we collect white porcelain objects—ducks, chickens, fruit. Buy things individually, and before you know it you’ve got a collection.

So now I am gathering a collection of quotes on the subject of collecting. I’d better find 5 because…

One is junk, but five is a collection.

These are words to live by, or maybe a clever way to justify the early stages of becoming a hoarder. For me, collecting is a passion. Thankfully, becoming a collector does not take a large bank account or an extensive knowledge of period antiques. Start building a collection by focusing on what you have a passion for. My collections seem diverse on paper—clocks, china, kitchen utensils, seashells and garden wares, just to name a few—but there is a common thread that ties them together: colour.

Melinda Graham
Vintage Living Magazine. 


5 miniature blue perfume bottles

I have only one rule: seek out beauty and meaning in everything, then embrace and display it. Even the most humble and everyday of objects can be transformed.

Sibella Court
From her beautiful book Etcetera etc.

Sibella, one of Australia’s most well known stylists and collectors clearly doesn’t have minimalist [or dusting] issues…
Check out her finely curated home.


What’s your favourite collection? If you’re  like me and love collecting, you may have more than one [understatement!] Please share…

Photos from my own collections:

Lil Peeps

Mos Delft

Pushing Tin

Smoke it up

Blue Glass Roots