urban rustic old school dymo labeller business cardSome time ago in a space not far away…

I decided that my supercool vintage label maker was just too inefficient as a business card/ tagging device.

urban rustic stamped bus cards tags wood bg

Ok, ok, it was a long time ago [last  September]

witness yesterdays post on snails and doing it slowly…

urban rustic stamped bus cards spread

My stamps have arrived [also some time ago, it’s the getting around to this that has taken a while…]

 urban rustic stamped bus cards cu 2

One of the best pieces of advice I can apply truly to my own flawed procrastinating self comes from my husband’s hard core depression era [the first one] Boxing coach:

“Thinking about it aint gonna get it done”

So very true and so bleeding obvious. But like a fish slap in the face it’s what you might need occasionally. Why you ask? Meh.

I digress. As I do. No wonder nothing gets done. Except the boring bits. Like washing and folding. The eternal round of wiping counter tops, treading on lego and making food. etcetera etcetera.

urban rustic stamped bus cards cuSo yes, where was I? Stamps. Afraid of commitment. Sick of computing. [Yet here I am bashing away on a keyboard] Rebelling against my own profession as a Designer, I am going back to old school techniques…

urban rustic stamped bus cards

It’s been done before, I know, but you know, like whatever. As I said. I’m being rebellious. So observe if you will, dear readers, my business cards à la mode.

No two are alike, and yes, I can use child labor. Sweet. If I don’t get too bossy and art directy.

urban rustic free gift tag

So the point being, my stuff make great gifts. As they have tags. Ooooohh. Yes. And there’s some stickers somewhere too. Not happy with those, though. Too big and unfindable. Later. [Possibly much]