So I hope you are all feeling better after all the Christmas craziness. Food, wine, love, relaxation, some sunshine? Oui?

We are urchin free for a couple of days thanks to lovely Nanny and Poppy, a Wii U, a homemade billycart and let’s not forget le swimming pool.

Time to see a movie without paying $60 for a sitter, and no cooking, if hungry we go out or I slice off a chunk of the 8 kilo [!] ham.

Observe the spoils of our boxing day sales. C. [Master Of  The ‘Ouse] picked up a metal Esky circa 1960s [ a real one with a drainage hole, very handy apparently and no longer a feature] It could do with a wash…

Vintage Malley esky cooler

and I found the bread bin of my dreams not that I do dream about bread. A baguette in Paris maybe.

urban rustic blue plastic retro bread bin closed

A steal from Garden Street Bazaar Pittwater Road North Narrabeen.

Other lovely novelties include 2 swims at the beach in one day [because we can, easily, simply] much brunch, a trip to the nursery, [and not the baby kind] finally finishing our circle stepping stones to the garage…

urban rustic circle stepping stones

Sleeping in. Yoga. Dinners cooked by someone else. etcetera etcetera etcetera.

And yes, we did see that movie. I cried. In a good way. Anne Hathaway, you take my breath away.
And you do too, Hugh.

Joy joy. Happy times ahead.
So looking forward to being reunited with les enfants.

: ]

How was your holiday?