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Some days you have to resort to the basics, what you know, what pays the bills and feeds the family.

b & b plates knife butter dish copy Not that we are on the breadline more that I’ve gone back to what I know [a design job] to supplement the family.
Not loafing around. And not that I do…

GE bread board yellow knife blue butter dish copy

I’m fortunate in that we can survive without me working full time. [When I do work, it’s usually from home.] We’ve learnt to live on less and I consider myself lucky to be able to drop off and pick up my kids from school. To be there to be cranky with them all afternoon. And I so am aware of my ‘less’ being a whole lot more than a whole lot of other unfortunates in this world.

bread butter plate plastic bread

I get to eat cake…I don’t even fancy bread much.

kiwi new zealand ironstone saucer retro vintage

Speaking of fancy, this shape is the Master butter knife and should not be used as a spreader. [If you are living at Downton Abbey.]
It transfers the slice of butter to the side or bread plate only, so as to not contaminate the main block.

star butter knife blue cloud saucer

This more round blade is the spreader.
And as you probably know, it is proper etiquette to break your bread on your side plate and butter it there before biting into that gluteny sucker.

But did you know? Never butter an entire roll all at once. Instead break off a small piece, hold it in your fingers [not your palm], and butter it one bite at a time, using the butter knife of course.
This morsel courtesy of Lisa Mirza Grotts, Ettiquette Expert via Huffington Post. Want more?

yellow bread board orange Decor margarine vintage blue knife copy

Serrated bread knife. Decor margarine container/ disguiser.

I use butter because I think it’s better basically [more natural] but I am married to a marg-man.

I know which side my bread is buttered so we do both.

Butter or margarine? Any opinions?
There’s been some nasty one-molecule-away-from-plastic rumours spread around but who knows?


Mini Eames LCW chair horizontal
what chair is that?
This one is a miniature LCW I picked up [easily] for $2 at the School’s Stylist’s Garage sale a few weekends ago. My first little bit of Eames!

Big fan of the chair?  You might like this. I’ve spent some time creating a pinterest board of my favourite iconic chairs. [I considered calling this post Chair woman of the Board but decided it was a tad OTT]

Basically it’s a massive wish list with some info thrown in. Designer, year, manufacturers etc.  Down the track I’ll add more info about spotting replicas, the differences and benefits etc.

salt shaker zebra chair mid_century moderm

I love this one, an example of Shaker Furniture [salt shaker, heh], if only it was about 1000% larger…

What’s your favourite chair? Let me know if I’ve overlooked any classics.
Happy weekend people. I’m looking forward to some lounging actually…

what the? white letters sign
So I am short on words today AND not big on acronyms either.
This one is my type  [I’m sure you don’t need me to spell it out]
but I hate LOL.

Sorry. But I think a lot of people are lying. A LOT.

Laugh Out Loud, really? Sitting there on Facebook or whatever, looking at pixels on a screen.  Some poor women getting explosive diarrhoea on camera [yes, it has happened but I’m not linking to it, ] A dog probably, some guy doing something, etc etc etc…

Alright, it can happen but I’m putting it out there that it’s 90% BS.

I love the internet. I do. Have to. And a lot of people out there are super nice and supportive but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of honesty, and not in a nasty bullying way. I’m thinking more along the lines of TWF.

That Was Funny.

Thanks, It cheered me up, I smirked, maybe even a giggle. Not, a major belly busting laughathon, sadly, but that’s to be expected, you usually need eye contact for that don’t you?

Hmm, maybe I’m just grumpy today and could use a good LOL or even as your mother might think lol.

Your grandfather just passed away.
LOL, Mum.


Anyway if you’ve got any WTF or TWF or can prove to me it is possible to LAUGH OUT LOUD at a computer in this dingy room I happen to be in right now, not working. Pls pls pls do. I need it ASAP.

Lots of love. S

heart badge pins help

Never mind so did I.

love heart fondue with heart picks forks copy

Meh, we’ve had a few VDs so whatevs.
Might do a little family fondue/ fun-do tonight with this sweet thing.

lucky love hearts clover petit four cases copy

But I did get lucky!
Won this little set of 4 petit four cases [among other things] from the lovely Jane of Emerald + Ella, she’s a stylist with a cute blog and online shop. Sweet. Thankyou Ma’am.

pink robert gordon heart dish and buttons copy
Contrary to popular cynicism Valentine’s Day was not invented by Hallmark though I’m sure they love it.
Named after Saint Valentine, a matyred Christian priest who married forbidden lovers persecuted under the Roman Empire. He lost his head [literally] on February 14th.

love japanese plastic deco vase

Now it’s all hearts as flowers…

love heart forks picks valentines day

The best medicine. Better go and get that chocolate…

Don Featherston plastic flamingos Australia

My flamingos landed, direct from the US. They’ve adapted well to their new environment and I’ve been quite obsessively documenting them and other specimens. As seen here on pinterest and here on instagram.

If you missed my previous post casa de flamingo and are wondering, I bought mine from Get Flocked and couldn’t be happier except perhaps if I had bought more.  Closer to home, Australians can get a pair I’ve since discovered, from the very lovely Larkstore in Victoria. Although I am not sure they are the Don Featherstone/ Union Products originals. [Has an embossed signature underneath.]

Pretty flocking awesome aren’t they? …brightens up the neighbourhood…

thrifting thrifted

So this little [preloved aka sorta scratched] lunch box fell into my path [or I could say lap, cos you know lunch box, sitting down, laps, geddit?] only the day after my last post about vintage smiley badges, and putting on a happy face. Someone was smiling down on me I guess. Or it was just a happy accident. Anyway it was cute, it was smiling, it was there and it was a buck. Sold.
Might not be pink enough for Miss Lily but I’m sure I can find something to put in it. God knows I have enough stuff…

Can someone tell me how you do the yellow smiley face please please please?

vintage have a nice day pins badges buttons

The iconic smiley was not invented by Forrest Gump:

The badge or button was created by [according to Wikipedia] an American commercial artist Harvey Ball in 1963 for a life insurance company to boost morale. He was paid $45 for his ten minutes work and does not receive royalties for creating a massive symbol of popular culture. Bummer 
The design is so simple it’s certain that similar versions were produced before this time, but Ball’s version became the most iconic.

Vintage Lili film poster

First use of the happy face in a campaign for the film Lili in 1953.

My daughter started Kindergarten today and appropriately her name is Lili on her birth certificate. Before she left the hospital we changed the spelling to Lily with a Y as we thought she would end up having to spell out her name her whole life. Turns out there are many versions of the name so she has to anyway and, like the smiley face, its proven very popular. So she’s one of a few.

Anway she had a nice day and we all put on our brave smiley faces
[just not these relics of the 1980’s. ]

Here’s some other old school icons to cut and paste.  You’re welcome, come back soon.

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