heart badge pins help

Never mind so did I.

love heart fondue with heart picks forks copy

Meh, we’ve had a few VDs so whatevs.
Might do a little family fondue/ fun-do tonight with this sweet thing.

lucky love hearts clover petit four cases copy

But I did get lucky!
Won this little set of 4 petit four cases [among other things] from the lovely Jane of Emerald + Ella, she’s a stylist with a cute blog and online shop. Sweet. Thankyou Ma’am.

pink robert gordon heart dish and buttons copy
Contrary to popular cynicism Valentine’s Day was not invented by Hallmark though I’m sure they love it.
Named after Saint Valentine, a matyred Christian priest who married forbidden lovers persecuted under the Roman Empire. He lost his head [literally] on February 14th.

love japanese plastic deco vase

Now it’s all hearts as flowers…

love heart forks picks valentines day

The best medicine. Better go and get that chocolate…