what the? white letters sign
So I am short on words today AND not big on acronyms either.
This one is my type  [I’m sure you don’t need me to spell it out]
but I hate LOL.

Sorry. But I think a lot of people are lying. A LOT.

Laugh Out Loud, really? Sitting there on Facebook or whatever, looking at pixels on a screen.  Some poor women getting explosive diarrhoea on camera [yes, it has happened but I’m not linking to it, ] A dog probably, some guy doing something, etc etc etc…

Alright, it can happen but I’m putting it out there that it’s 90% BS.

I love the internet. I do. Have to. And a lot of people out there are super nice and supportive but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of honesty, and not in a nasty bullying way. I’m thinking more along the lines of TWF.

That Was Funny.

Thanks, It cheered me up, I smirked, maybe even a giggle. Not, a major belly busting laughathon, sadly, but that’s to be expected, you usually need eye contact for that don’t you?

Hmm, maybe I’m just grumpy today and could use a good LOL or even as your mother might think lol.

Your grandfather just passed away.
LOL, Mum.


Anyway if you’ve got any WTF or TWF or can prove to me it is possible to LAUGH OUT LOUD at a computer in this dingy room I happen to be in right now, not working. Pls pls pls do. I need it ASAP.

Lots of love. S