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The Simpsons Home Sweet Home Plate copy copy

Francy talk for plate of the day.

Notice it’s an empty plate. Whaaat? Me? Cook?  After 17 days of fine French and Italian dining…
Nothing but a hearty serving of reality bites here at home.

Bon appetit.

Oui. v. lucky to be off to Cannes, France. Sans enfants. Merci!

Very fine indeed, [l’homme conferencing, l’wife blagging, yes, my French is how you say rubbishé] and up until this moment I’ve been soooo longing for it. But now I start to worry, should we be flying like the Beatles, the Royal Family or the Wiggles [one and the same, not] in separate aircraft so as to not lose the whole band or the 2 lead singers in this case, in one horrifying incident?

Hmm. Aging. Terrible to be thinking so drastically on the cusp of two weeks of liberté. But the mind, it’s an amazing mystifying machine… Isn’t it? Or is it just plain [plane] guilt? Err…

plat du jour Eiffel plane eiffel

Anyway, moving on…que sera sera [also going to Italy…expresso tripo]

plat du jour Eiffel cheese bread wine

Voila. My plat du jour. Or my week on a plate actually…
And yes, it is a map of France not a pink leaf as I first thought.

plat du jour Eiffel cheese bread wine CU copy

So not this French spread from the John Cusack/ John Hughes ’80s classic Better Off Dead. Though I will be getting me some Fronch bread. And plenty.


Must fly. Sincerely. Ridic early flight. Not going to bed.

Au revoir. Air kiss air kiss darlings.
I will miss you.

Follow the white rabbit…
vintage metal timer
Even with time out camping ‘off the grid’ I can manage to spend.
My Easter bunny. A present to myself from a cool vintage shop in Dungog NSW. Seemed like a sign considering Good Friday’s post on egg timers I did the day before. FYI: He’s enamel not plastic.

vintage bunny rabbit kitchen timer on cutting mat copy
Also tracked down a country Vinnies [thrift / op shop]. Score.
Bought this odd spoon [among many other things including cutting mat above] for 50c because I liked the wooden handle, realised later it’s probably for fishing eggs out of boiling water. If certainly will anyway…

bunny rabbit kitchen timer vintage egg spoon copy
Or help you be the egg & spoon race champion.
[Great gift idea, Nanny, thanks]

vintage wooden egg spoon
And no, not propping with chocolate, because that’s what you might eggspect. Plus there’s none left.

Hope you had a lovely break.


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