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ur = urbanrustic.com is finally a fully functioning site. yay. yay. yay.

Please please please take a look, let me know what you think and if you could kindly flick my link http://urbanrustic.com on to any like minded friends, family, colleagues, strangers that would be outstanding.
And of course feel free to buy, buy, buy.

I know a lot of you lovely regular readers are clever collectors but you don’t have to spend hours picking and lurking through dark dusty places, you could let me and my experienced eye do it for you.

andree putman vintage cash register

If you’re not a collector but want something more original than modern vintage-esque homewares made in China, consider the real things…

mid century smoked glassware

They’re not new new [except the Flamingos] but I think it’s time we got over our obsession with Brand New.

Don Featherstone Plastic Lawn Flamingos

Newnesss fades pretty quickly and then a lot of stuff remains mass produced, unremarkable and replaceable forever. Such a waste when there’s so many authentic cool totally functional products out there waiting for a new life.

vintage recycled leaf plates urban rustic

And proceeds don’t go to some massive e-corp. They go to Luke’s soccer fees, reluctant violin lessons, Lily’s dancing, swimming and Occupational Therapy. [She’s a leftie] Sandy’s thrifting and coffee habits. Sometimes yoga. Wine…


So much more still to be come [witness all my categories below] but inevitably I had to stop looking, comparing [there’s so many clever people out there in this wide wide world of web it can be intimidating] and do it before I question my sanity one more time. After all, it’s quite a lot of effort to go to for one off products. Surely this isn’t practical?

Turns out it’s not so much, but then I have never been a practical girl…

As the cliché goes, it’s a labour of love, my baby, and I want to watch it grow, elvove, probably not change the world but hopefully my life. Part of the dream is a shop /gallery one day as, being a designer/ wannabe artist/stylist/photographer I love the display. For now, I’m online.

A lot of care is taken with packaging and presentation and though I can’t offer free shipping, urban rustic is all about freebies. And they are pretty good.

urban rustic free gift shopping trolley

While you are at it, check out my super patient friend and designer Michelle Lorimer who pulled the whole website together. A total nightmare I’m sure, to have a designer as a client. And she got me out of a disappointing, expensive, money-down-the-drain situation with a Freelancer.com. Another example of why small, local business and real, genuine people make the world of difference.

urban rustic yellow vintage modern retro home

And finally [hmm, you would think I am getting some kind of award, the Overly Long Blog Post Award perhaps?] thanks to all you lovely peeps for the support and comments you give. I love the talented little community that the urban rustic blog has opened up to me. I’ve enjoyed hearing your stories and watching you grow also. Whatever happens, wherever it takes me, I aim for fun times ahead.  I hope you stick around. ur most welcome.

Cheers Sandy xo