Vintage Edtiion Narnia

Did you read the Narnia Chronicles? I did. Lots. Probably at least three times each as a kid, once later as an adult before kids [BC] and then again with my son.

It’s hard to keep him interested in a lot of my childhood favourites, the divide seems so wide now. Wars, air-raids, real hardships not involving flat batteries, being free to wander off God knows where all day, bags of lettuce, no TV. Positively the dark ages…

But The Magician’s Nephew was successful. It was my favourite of the series. I’m trying to collect the covers I remember and loved. This edition is from 1978 and features the original captivating artwork of Pauline Baynes who’s internal illustrations still feature in newer editions.

Narnia Chronicals The Magicians Nephew back

So far I have come across this and The Silver Chair [1973]. Which is my second favourite chronicle.  And  then The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe obviously [SEO hello]  I guess I could try Electronic-Bay as my hubby calls it. But I do love the stumble upon.
You can buy a boxed set here.

vintage edition Pauline Baynes

C [Clive] S [Staples] Lewis believed a children’s story is the best art form for something you have to say.

Narnia Chronicals The Silver Chair back

So what do you say? What was your favourite? Or any other books you can recommend for a screen loving 8 year old that doesn’t involve psychotic flatulence would be greatly appreciated.