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hand blown art glass mid-century orange

hand blown art glass mid-century orange

What the font? Another bug I have picked up…

design stencils maths templates

An occupational hazard for designers and such types I suppose.

graphics old protractors overlay colours

Protracted it from some strange sector…Do you concur?

On that note, I’ll leave you with some Leo overlay. Happy Friday


x = me2

on cloud 9

rustic tin emamel cloud small tray Cloudstreet

1. one fine tray: rustic but happy. urban rustic store

Tim Winton Cloudstreet

2. Cloudstreet by Tim Winton. 21st Anniversary Edition

long island ice tea cloudy glass

3. improve a dreary day with a cloudy: Mrs Baxters Long Island Ice TeaSweet & Sour Mix

4. a single cloud tumbler Hoya Corporation Japan, vintage drinks swizzlers

Waechtersbach West German pottery canister clouds

5. cloud container: Waechterbach canister, West German pottery. urban rustic store

6. Dojo Rising, latest release Cloud Control, June ’13. Love on first listen.

cloudy pinterest board

7. I cloud pinterest @ urban rustic

Johnson Bros Blue Cloud Floral_bowl

8. visit the Land of the Long Blue Cloud urban rustic collection

9. O Mi Glob, everyone’s favourite Cloud Princess [possibly the only] LSP, Adventure Time.

Getting the lump outta here…


Serving up another Throwback Thursday remix

Japanese Royal Aurum souvenir Los Angeles

California dreamin on such a winters day…

The Mama’s in the house, Sydney side with the band [aka the kids]

& The Papa? 90210 [safe and warm in LA]

The Beverly Hills souvenir plate made in Japan.
Thrifted last year in Brookvale, Australia. The irony.

Don’t you just love it?
shop here

carltonware cadbury chocolatte mugA collectable Carltonware chocolate chunk mug and a [secondhand] Ikea cup sit on a shelf. Which one is going to be bumped off by clumsy maniac descending a ladder and smash into pieces?

As you can see this is not a joke. Just Murphy’s Law. Whoever he was.

Symbolically occurring during the week I quit sugar. Not Sarah Wilson style. Just substituting. Like wine for chocolate. Or cheese. The water not so much…

Hope you’ve had a good break this long weekend?

vintage ceramic white mouse

For my Mother. A quiet resilient practical country mouse who ran a sheep farm singlehandedly.  She married the city mouse and as the story goes, it didn’t work out…

We returned this weekend to witness said country mouse after 25 years as a Singleton, marrying a great Dane. I was lucky enough to be chosen her Maid of Honour. [She has four daughters and my name was drawn out of the hat.]

Not the first time I’ve been a Bridemaid, the fourth actually, but definitely one of the most special considering 2 of the 4 are no longer marriages. Possibly accurate statistics?

An unforgettable experience to say the least, and this I vow to remember.

All that I am, and all that I have,
I honour you.


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