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Hello, Yellow!…
Yellow equals Happy Chic joie de vivre and sunny optimism.

Jonathan Adler, Happy Chic Colors

Also to be found in this gloriously colourful book, the following quote by Vincent Van Goph, master of golden goodness.

Yellow is capable of charming God.

Actually it’s been suggested that Van Goph’s yellow period, when he painted Sunflowers, Starry Night and Night Café among others, was due to the sideffects of excessive digitalis, which is not an over-saturation of electronic devices but too much of an extract from the plant Foxglove. Van Goph was prescribed this to suppress his epilepsy and manic behaviour.  Symptoms of this condition [Xanthopsia] are blurry, haloed lights  [check out Starry Night] and yellow tinted vision. *

The alternative theory is he liked yellow. Or it’s a combination of the two…

Egg yolk yellow Danish design melamine
Speaking of combinations…

mixing yellow

More Jonathan Adler reference. Why?

Totally modern, totally retro. Design Genius.

>> When in doubt: yellow + gray

Tone down yellow’s brash sunniness with sedate gray for a soothing ’40s feel. You can’t go wrong with this duo. Any shades will work.

yellow black white single serve tea cup setone kind design collection yellow storm

>>Chic and Classique: yellow + green.

This zesty pairing is a one-way ticket to Palm Beach

vintage pineapple shaped tooljonathan adler yellow and green

>>Tricky Treat: yellow + black

Keep it from reading ‘bubblebee’ by letting back and white predominate and spooning in just a soupçon of yellow.

Patrick Caulfield Coalport Tate Gallery VaseGreg Natale Jonathan Adler

let your fingers do the walking:

Pics 1 & 2:

Sunny side up
Rosti Mepal, Danish icons in egg yolk yellow.
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single serve Bristol Cotton Grass tea cup set buy here

Onekind Design hand screen printed bedlinen in Yellow and Storm, buy here or available in store at urban rustic 6b Robertson Rd Newport.

Pineapple slicer. A cute Australian invention. I gifted it to Megan Morton, the most vibrant Pineapple Head I’ve come across. Check out the killer Pineapple heels she discovered, pinned here.

Image: Jonathan Adler

Patrick Caulfield fine china vase by Coalport 1997, designed to commemorate the opening of the Tate Gallery London. Sold.

Image: another Jonathan Adler advocate, Greg Natale


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