I picked up this enigmatic piece at Brookvale, if the bossier other lady who hadnt gotten around to pricing it, hadnt had butted in, I might have scored for $2.50 but I paided $12. There was a very expensive frame to be considered…

Anyway I put it up in the shop immediately as it’s so dark I never thought I would want it anywhere.

So yeah, I sold the Mona Lisa or, more appropriately, a Mona Lisa for $40 pronto. Probably why I suck at the business side of things but, you know, having fun at the same time. It’s all good. As they say…

But damn!  Now wishing I had kept her guarding the shop. For forty bucks she would have been the cheapest security EVA.
As my happy customer walked the small mini puffy, did I mention puffy? like a bit silky foamy screen print, not like an oil painting, replica Mona Lisa out of my life, she promised to not put it in the bathroom which we thought would indeed be weird. [She is totally watching me!]
So anyway…Good bye ML. Hope I catch up with you, or another like you soon. Next time I’ll show more respect sister.


Vintage Mona Lisa replica ornate frame