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Happy New Year!

Thanks for being here, you could be anywhere in the world but here you are at this moment. I’m not suggesting it’s midnight 2013 and millions of you are glued to my blog waiting for my next post. [ Pffft…]
But at whatever random moment you happen to be here, reading this, thanks muchly. I hope 2014 finds you in a happy place.

Are you planning to turn over a new leaf? I’m resolving to Go Green or moreso anyway. I try but I could be better. Much better.

green is good leaf plates

So 2014 is the Year of Ethical Fashion. #YOEF
I shall try and apply this across the board. Not just to clothes. If I can.

I found out about it here, on Pip Lincoln’s gorgeous blog Meet Me At Mikes.

The idea is, if you are looking for things to wear to only:

. Buy from ethical makers or
. Buy second-hand or
. Make it yourself  or
. Wear things you already own or
. Borrow or swap garments with friends

Here’s a good place to start. A friend of mine just kickstarted this project for ethically manufactured organic cotton t-shirts called Person.

green glass playmobil toy

And from this person, me
have fun with all your resolutions.  Cheers.


Happy Christmas urban rustic image

My Christmas offering:
Mid-century Braemore Pottery, Australia get it here

Crazed and kind of empty but totally fine. A bit like me… um, minus the balls…

Off now but like the iconic Aussie boomerang I will come back.
With more on my plate.

V.v excited to be road tripping down memory lane with some old friends in the New Year [old as in girls I have known for a long time, since Newcastle Uni days when we were young, single, child-free and irresponsible. No denying we are old-ish now but at least not of the Atomic Age]

A little bit crazy, a little bit bad but hey, don’t us girls just love that?

Yes, Ewan McGregor you’re da bomb.

Happy holidays lovely people, make it magnificent.


crystal apple dealer plates copy

I like apples. I’m using one right now. Been a user since 1991.

murano red glass apple sold fruit sticker

Not quite so retro cool as the pineapple but still a great vintage icon.

vintage apple icon Susan Kare

Speaking of vintage icons, does this one jog your memory?
All 8 meg of it…
iRemember this one by Susan Kare. Creator of the happy Mac, the sad Mac, the trash can and other icons from the original Macintosh pre 1994. She is now selling them as limited edition prints.

Here’s a bunch of my [not so] latest apple products.

apple dealer bunch of apples

So why are apples Christmasy? Not because they are red and green, as I assumed.  [Not a fan of that colour combo much, too frog in a blender for my tastes.]
Anyway the tradition of decorating Christmas trees with apples has German and ancient Roman roots. The Paradise tree, an evergreen, was decorated with apples as a symbol of the feast of Adam and Eve held on December 24th during the middle ages.  So know you know…

white china silver bell brass apple apples 2 copy

An apple for the teacher? The brass and silver pieces are actually bells so they’re Christmasy, decorative, functional and have a much longer shelf life. Love them.

For a touch of Hollywood [Regency], the brassy Christina Applebell available here

scoops red apple perspex brooch pin

Also love these cute perspex brooches made by my designer friend Scoops. Obviously another apple fan and user. I have some of these for sale in red and green varieties. V. sweet.

new york button pin vintage avon apple

No Grand Mecca of retro Big Apples which would be the anodised apple shaped ice bucket.

tiny sad mac icon

They sell for crazy money. For now this will do.

anodised apple ring handmade knitted apple decoration copy

So how do you like them apples?


Casey Affleck = wicked cute

retro kiwi tomato sauce bottle vintage Tupperware pump bottle

Big Red has a skinful
and his mate is looking to get pumped


Bloody Christmas… Are you reddy? Groan.
I am not. Not even for this, hence recycling under the influence of Throwback  [but not, hopefully Throwup] Thursday.
About to crack open some bubbles in the shop for the customers, of course.

Cheers friends.


red wine sock Champagne Christmas YO

sun dreamer ouchflower macrame white yellow mirror

So hot right now…
Two more of the dreamy Ouchflower macramé hangers I have in stock at Urban Rustic. Handmade by Melbourne artist Phipplia Taylor. I love the story behind the name Ouchflower. Pippa’s young son’s description of her succulents…

Peach ouchflower macrame mother in laws tongue copy

So this kind of hurt; I had the perfect blue vintage ceramic pot for the Peach hanger but I dropped it before I even got one photo. In my favourite baby blue too. Was a lovely longer oval shape which sits in the hangers nicely.

Upset, I doubt I’ll find another. Annoyed at my clumsiness. Spiky little chards EVERYWHERE.
Ouch, ouch and more ouch!
But the substitute bowl is pretty smokin’ too. Don’t you think? I’m happy with it.
Smoked glass is so retro but so modern. Like the hangers. Noticed Country Road brought out some smokey glassware this year. I’ve got tons of the real stuff, watch this space…

The hangers are $120 each and I’ll throw in the pot if you like.
Smoke it up. Yeah baby.

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