Happy New Year!

Thanks for being here, you could be anywhere in the world but here you are at this moment. I’m not suggesting it’s midnight 2013 and millions of you are glued to my blog waiting for my next post. [ Pffft…]
But at whatever random moment you happen to be here, reading this, thanks muchly. I hope 2014 finds you in a happy place.

Are you planning to turn over a new leaf? I’m resolving to Go Green or moreso anyway. I try but I could be better. Much better.

green is good leaf plates

So 2014 is the Year of Ethical Fashion. #YOEF
I shall try and apply this across the board. Not just to clothes. If I can.

I found out about it here, on Pip Lincoln’s gorgeous blog Meet Me At Mikes.

The idea is, if you are looking for things to wear to only:

. Buy from ethical makers or
. Buy second-hand or
. Make it yourself  or
. Wear things you already own or
. Borrow or swap garments with friends

Here’s a good place to start. A friend of mine just kickstarted this project for ethically manufactured organic cotton t-shirts called Person.

green glass playmobil toy

And from this person, me
have fun with all your resolutions.  Cheers.