preloved handmade knitted bear
20 cents is a small price to pay for Hope, don’t you think? I rescued her on my escape to Yamba NSW [one of the most awesome places on Earth but shhh don’t tell anyone, it’s perfectly underdeveloped and saturated on all sides with blue water, ocean, rivers and fresh water pools] So divine.
I left my man and 2 kids and drove off on a road trip/ op shopping adventure North. Hung out with three of the best bravest girls [ahem ladies, so much reminiscing…]  I will probably ever meet who, as the cliche goes, know everything about you but like you anyway.
Sun, swimming, op shopping and lovely liquid flowing freely. It was Heaven. I am renewed. I have Hope.

She’s all sorts of soft, squishy handmade love and deserves a second chance. I wonder about her past lives…Not even sure I’ll fix her ear where the stitching has come undone. Embrace the imperfections I say. In a world obsessed with youth, beauty and newness perhaps one day the old and fugly will stand out as original and interesting. Somehow I doubt it [being a aesthete Libran myself] but it’s a comforting thought anyway as I get older and fuglier.

One can only hope…