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fisher price plane vintage globes copy

On the eve of an international family trip of a lifetime #yay I’m at work, thinking globally

world wide desktop vintage globes mid century

in the meantime I can browse the wide world on my desktop,
old skool style

fisher price airport vintage

or enjoy this super cute vintage Fisher Price airport I bought to distract the little people from my art glass, turns out it really moves the grown ups. Memories are priceless [aren’t they?] and linger long after the jet lag. Thank goodness.
See ya round.

kelco schmid japan coffee set 5

I can’t work out why people throw out odd numbers.
It’s like, Oh no, now we don’t have a complete set the rest are cursed. The even police might look in my cupboards and see we are a little odd. Get rid of it, stat.

So what is it with odd numbers? Why are they considered dodgy?

A survey done by Alex Bello for The Guardian concludes it takes our brain longer to process odd numbers. Literally more thought provoking. Universally though, our favourite number is 7. Go figure.

The Power of 5 is big in Japan. Co-incidentally this mid-century Schmid Kreglinger espresso set is Japanese though the name sounds anything but.

Embrace your oddness people. Think of it as a set of 4 with a lucky spare.
In the meantime if it bothers your naturally human symmetrical tendencies, I’ll take one away till I find another.


IMG_4391 copy

Timeless classics. Like myself. As in I have no time.
[Missed getting these out before Father’s Day]

Not such a drama, no time limits here.
And these old boys are well preserved.

A Lad Of Grit, 1928 or earlier based on the inscription
Champion Annual For Boys 1953

Daily Mail Boys Annual, undated, illustrations suggest 1950’s/60s

Oxford Annual for Boys,  University Press 1937

MCMLXV = 1965

Dean & Sons, circa 1960s

A Power Boys Adventure 1965


Wishing you a happy birthday. With love from Auntie “Sadie”
1st December 1961

To Dear Linda from Mummy 24/10/52

Go Linda. Hope you had an adventurous life.


Biggles Fails To Return
Third impression 1950

and this is my hands down favourite cover

They find it all, a different story…

there’s also this, the original
RIP Ian Curtis

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