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I’m not actually camping this Easter break, more urban than rustic perhaps…

Pannekins. Small Amounts.


Mini enamel mugs.

Take Billy, he keeps it steamy.


Enamel steamer. Excellent condition.

The only iron you need.


Vintage Jaffle Iron. Made in England.


Enamel dinner plate, The Antique General Store 

6 x Serviette Rings, [little knives, forks & spoons] a wedding present, once brass, I had them powdercoated

No snow this Christmas for us Aussies

but plenty of powder

for endless rounds of coffee and cake…

[powder coating of course]

I say. You know this does utilize well
Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises  1926

At the risk of sounding like a prat, love this book, had to mention it, reminds me of a time and a place, 2 times actually, crazy Pamplona and London, memories not quite as old as these faithful kitchen hands

Come on and utilize another glass
p 129

Homer doesn’t have much in common with Hemingway

oh wait,  the alcohol, o yes of course…

rip REM

orange carafe + 2

retro tumblrs

Other working titles for this post include:

Orange You Glad
[obscure reference from the awesome Tina Fey’s movie Baby Mama]


Hey Mr Tangerine Man

Feel free to offer up any suggestions, am a bit lacklustre today…

Bucket loads more to come [you’ll see what I mean, I also have a thing for buckets]

Must have been a milk maid in a former life.

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