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rolls royce jug concorde jet playing cards copy

For the gentleman who may or may not have everything.

The Rolls Royce of jugs. Men like jugs. I’ve heard.

While you’re at it, check out the BA Concorde Flight deck, still in plastic. Not something you see everyday. Or ever again…

And I’ll throw in a Rolex. It’s genuine. Swiss made.

Rolex Lucerne souvenir spoon

Heh. Just stirring. But we all love to spoon…

Have a fantastic Father’s Day guys.


But wait there’s more….

Bonus clip for all the Number One Dads and Seinfeld Lovers.

Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum

An empty mug in a state of bitterness…

Possibly my most unAustralian Melbourne Cup ever.

No bet. No frock. No beer. I even missed the race thanks to inconveniently timed school pickup.

But considering my past form and track record I’m probably out in front. [My technique of picking by sheer name wouldn’t  have had me winning in a Green Moon.] So cheers to that.


Jolly good. Straight to the pool room lads.

Always on the hunt for an offering from the Johnson Bros.


Side Plate: Full Cry
Saucer: View Halloo [Fox hunt call (don’t say that quickly) when the fox is seen in the open.]

Fancy? $20.00 and it’s yours.

22 Karat Gold plated Beaver plate

This plate was Jim Grainger’s Gift from Beaver Foods [Canada]

I have never met Mr Grainger but I promise to look after it.

Not that I get to feed beavers…

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