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The Breakfast Club set Bessemer avocado melamine copy 2

Thrown together: vintage Bessemer set available here

AVOCADO melamine hollywood jug and tea cup and saucer turquoise copy
Classic Hollywood plastics [well the jug anyway] , a mis-matched but good looking  collection of individuals.

Dear Mr. Vernon:

We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong, but we think you’re crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us… In the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain… …and an athlete… …and a basket case… …a princess… …and a criminal.

Does that answer your question?
Sincerely yours, the Breakfast Club.


Happy New Year!

Thanks for being here, you could be anywhere in the world but here you are at this moment. I’m not suggesting it’s midnight 2013 and millions of you are glued to my blog waiting for my next post. [ Pffft…]
But at whatever random moment you happen to be here, reading this, thanks muchly. I hope 2014 finds you in a happy place.

Are you planning to turn over a new leaf? I’m resolving to Go Green or moreso anyway. I try but I could be better. Much better.

green is good leaf plates

So 2014 is the Year of Ethical Fashion. #YOEF
I shall try and apply this across the board. Not just to clothes. If I can.

I found out about it here, on Pip Lincoln’s gorgeous blog Meet Me At Mikes.

The idea is, if you are looking for things to wear to only:

. Buy from ethical makers or
. Buy second-hand or
. Make it yourself  or
. Wear things you already own or
. Borrow or swap garments with friends

Here’s a good place to start. A friend of mine just kickstarted this project for ethically manufactured organic cotton t-shirts called Person.

green glass playmobil toy

And from this person, me
have fun with all your resolutions.  Cheers.


vintage avocado green retro flower pyrex

My entire collection of 1970s avocado green Pyrex in Crazy Daisy and Spring Blossom [the smaller flower print with leaves] for sale $125 plus postage. Out they go…

to make room for these: welcome Holmegaard…

Holmegaard green glass candlestick vases mid century Royal Copenhagen buy

Candle or vase? You flip. Double the functionality, three times the quality from the brilliant Danish legends in Royal Copenhagen Crystal.

Holmegaard Crystal vases candleholders

And more on the holm front: Cathrineholm that is.  Assume the Lotus position people, and hold onto it? Or let it go?

Cathrineholm Enamel Tea Kettle Lotus green white Norway

My first piece. Can you keep a secret? I managed to buy this on Ebay listed as vintage mid-century Danish [actually it’s Norwegian] kettle. Woot. I feel kind of bad. Should I have told her it was Cathrineholm? I didn’t get it for ridic cheap, there’s plenty of cluey ebayers out there, but I did get it for half the price, or a quarter depending where you look.

So do I keep it and start a collection I can’t afford to have [the quality and thickness of the enamel is outstanding, I do see why they are sought after] or send it off to a happy new home with a few bucks extra in my pocket?

More green, with envy this time, when a few days later a lovely lady visiting my shop told me she picked up an orange Lotus bowl for $4 at our local Red Cross. [RRP between  $140 – $200] Not quite the holy grail of collecting, like buying a box of $200 million Ansel Adams negatives at a garage sale for $45  but an awesome score all the same. She said she had heart palpitations. Me too, I couldn’t concentrate for about half an hour after hearing that story. Damn I wish it had been me…

So I think I might let the kettle go, I love being green, but its orange and blue and yellow that I’m digging the most.

What’s your best roadside/ garage sale, market score? I love these stories. Seems they are a bit thin on the ground now even the sweet old ladies at Salvos get on Ebay before pricing a piece of plastic.

Happy St Patrick’s Day from a not so angry bird.

St Patricks Day green toy in miniature glass

Recently informed my surname [Cash] is an Irish gyspie name.
The penny, as the cliché goes… dropped.

My love of travel, a fascination with fossicking, luckily I’m not into child theft [more clichés] just coveting children’s toys…

souvenir bread plate


Want? It’s yours FREE just pay for post $7 AU, $13 US $18 rest of the world.

First email gets lucky, to be sure.

green Nixon Watch copy

Feeling quite fortunate myself, picked up this watch recently in the 50c basket at the Red Cross. Grand.
Needs a new battery, that’s all. If not, no great loss. I’ll probably wear it anyway.
Nixon is another family name, and ’tis the Emerald Green Pantone colour of the year. Or close enough.

Pantone Green Emerald colour of the year 2013 swatch

And lastly some little gems of wisdom from the Emerald Isle and Huffington Post

If you’re lucky enough to be Irish, then you’re lucky enough.


in all its forms.
green leaf rubber salt & pepper organic things
So without too much guff, here’s to a New Year and a new leaf.
Hoping it is fruitful for all of us.

Not adding much more to Etsy for now. The urban rustic shop site is coming along nicely thanks to my lovely bud Michelle Lorimer, though I am trying to enjoy this last summer with my little Lily before her new school life begins.

If you see anything you would love to buy or hire, just drop me an email, no pressure. Inquiries welcome.

Evergreen Jadeite [heat and stain resistant milky-green glassware from the 1940/50s] Fire King plate.

japanese leaf plate
Gilding the leaf. Pearly Japanese dish.3 bowls green inside pontessa spain monstera japan copyGreen on the inside.

Spanish Crown Pontesa cereal bowl. Ashtray made in Japan.
Monsterio bowl by The Outdoor Room.

pontesa leaf plate detail
In detail. Sweet.

Crystal clear. Not my usual style but it is lovely.

west german leaf plate copy

Old and saucy.
Neuerer West Germany circa 1950

leaf cup and saucer mismatch leaf plate copy
Odd but ok together.
Paisley set to have another moment.

Glass leaves in vase copy

Past leaves.

collection vintage green leaf plates dishes

large wall mount fern leaf plateLeaf spoon green plate_lighter

And more past leaves [ones I have prepared earlier]

5 vintage leaf plates plus kids hands-sm

Not set up, I’ve mentioned before how hysterical my kids think it is to creep their hands in when I am shooting stuff. So I guess I am blowing my mystique [say what now?] but I may as well confess: most/try all, of my photos are not taken in the gi-normous light-filled studios of urban rustic incorporated [I wish] but on the white Corian benchtop in the family kitchen.

And now to leaf you with further inspiration, by some people who really know what they are doing…

vogue living wall of vintage leaf plates

Photo by Chris Court, Vogue Living September/October 2005

These are not my plates, and to be totally clear, not my photo.
This collection belongs to Chrissie Jeffery of the gorgeous textiles shop No Chintz.


I used to think a Gourd was a shape. Not so, they are plants actually.
Therefore that would make these unreal.
Which they are. I think.


Rubbery Salt & Pepper Shakers made in UK, Vintage vase has small chip on the rim but I love it all the more, big green one a was a gift from my fab sister-in-law.

I did. Leaf town, that is, but now back to reality.


Stacks of leaf.
Dunno, just like it I guess, does something for me…

I’m being so uber clever you know, as this is connected to some business with a certain nearly 4 year old Miss L.

I wish there was a device that turned this off at night.


Pees in a Pod, Salt & Pepper Shakers
Goodwill Brookvale

My son came up with this title, clever little guy. Especially since he didn’t know there was such a thing. But then he broke one of the handles on my set of 5, whatever, now I have an even set of 4. And some spares.


Vintage Green Bakelite plastic Picnic Set, includes cups, saucers, plate & tumblers [6]

Small porcelain teapot with strainer, made in Japan


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