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Dear Lord, thank you for this microwave bounty, even though we don’t deserve it. I mean… our kids are uncontrollable hellions! Pardon my French… but they act like savages! Did You see them at the picnic? Oh, of course You did… You’re everywhere, You’re omnivorous. Oh Lord! Why did You spite me with this family?
Homer Simpson.

Season 1, Episode 4, There’s No Disgrace Like Home

hostess picnic divided tray retro orange with lidretro hostess containerRetro Melamine orange plates and tumblers

Homer is no hipster, but …
Actually, I’ve come around on hipsters, it takes a lot of courage to all wear the same hat. 

Season 23, episode 5: The Food Wife



For my Cut Lunch, packed with teenage nostalgia
RIP James Freud [1959 – 2010]

No plastics were deliberately harmed in the making of this scene

Some heads may be

Poladroid?  Free drag & drop app for your desktop.

Nothing wrong with being odd, man.

Fake wood panelling mugs & faux linen textured tumblers
Dare I say it? Tubular [ironically of course].

Stash your chowder in a Thermos Midi or Aladdin flask.

4  Non conformist Tupperware cups.
[one of these things is not like the others]

4  Orange Tupperware plates [same same].

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