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3 cool cats retro seventies siamese cats copy 2This tall super hip cat wasn’t lonely for long. I picked him up in the country. At  the Gresford Billy Cart Derby as a matter of fact. Quite racey indeed.

But he quickly moved on to a new home and left the lovely ladies behind. These [dare I say it?] pussies are a bit too far gone to be resold, bearing numerous chips and bust up scars. They’ve lived hard and been well loved. The spicy stories they could tell…

retro cat shakers detail copy

My husband questioned why I had bothered with cheap damaged goods but when am I ever going to find another purfect [sorry] circa 1950s pair? Possibly never. I love them faults and all.

And so does my little girl. These still cool cats take up their next life, possibly the 9th on her window shelf with another vintage cutie I accidentally decapitated. Kitty got Kragled [AKA Superglued] and voila, gets another chance.

three vintage retro cats on the shelf

They look like angels from up above…
Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller 1958, Three Cool Cats


It may not be however, considering my noisy feisty messy six year old’s bedroom, as quiet as the Pooch’s retirement in my office. God help them…



so wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully pretty …

love cats orange retro salt & pepper shakers

Love cats? The Cure.
These shakers need a new home. help here

thrifted ceramic kitten money box

Hello kitty. Down and but not out.
A chip [or two] on the shoulder but this bankable beauty has 9 lives.
For now I’m one of them.

Red retro cat salt shaker vintage white china mouse

Not broken in pieces
Like hated little meeces…

This single cool cat’s already moved on. And not in search of his other half.
Looks good on the shelf or at dinner.

vintage condiment shaker
it’s the grooviest thing…


brass whale ashtray

Down but not out…
Thrifted brass whale ornament/ ashtray. Beautiful and functional.
Love that.

This and much more for sale on soon. Just not this week. Epic though it was…


PS: Happy weekend.

Don Featherston plastic flamingos Australia

My flamingos landed, direct from the US. They’ve adapted well to their new environment and I’ve been quite obsessively documenting them and other specimens. As seen here on pinterest and here on instagram.

If you missed my previous post casa de flamingo and are wondering, I bought mine from Get Flocked and couldn’t be happier except perhaps if I had bought more.  Closer to home, Australians can get a pair I’ve since discovered, from the very lovely Larkstore in Victoria. Although I am not sure they are the Don Featherstone/ Union Products originals. [Has an embossed signature underneath.]

Pretty flocking awesome aren’t they? …brightens up the neighbourhood…

Of the millions of Flamingos in America today, only a handful are alive.
The rest are front-lawn effigies, proclaiming to all passers-by our national love for beauty.

the artist, Charley Harper

concrete garden flamingos Palm Springs Dazzles
Wild concrete Garden variety, documented by urban rustic at
Dazzles Palm Springs.

flamingo_scultpure John Perry
An indoor species captured by John Perry. Also found in Palm Springs.

And then there’s the soon to be introduced to my Australian garden…

The original and iconic plastic pink flamingo, designed in 1957 by
Don Featherstone  for Union Products and won him the Ig Nobel Prize for Art in 1996.
You can buy yourself a set here. Get Flocked.
This impressive company refunded an overpayment on shipping. Like! Can’t wait for them to land.

Flamingo vintage salad servers

You may have seen a few flamingos in various forms recently, they are suddenly everywhere. I’ve pinned down a few more if you care to look.
Tacky or kitsh? Love them or hate them? For inanimate objects they can create quite a stir.
These ones from Mitchell Road Antique & Design Centre.
Serving the best of taste.


Vintage blue glass snail ornament urban rustic

new order. Snail mail.

And as a bonus, because I love to add something extra:
not your garden variety cover version…

Ironic and kinda typical/ symbolic that by the time I am ready to post it is no longer Monday. Yes, I set a cracking pace. Not. And then my laptop battery dies…

Tell me now how do I feel…

iitala finnish tea lights blue kivi set And to Finnish iitala tea light candle holders.

2 pairs of  [1 set Kivi]  in light blue. $20 for each pair [+post] .
Email me if interested. I can’t sell them in my Esty shop as they are non vintage. And my own urban rustic shop is coming along, slowly but not at speed of snail. I’ll keep you posted…

retro cat vintage mouseCatch this not so perfect pair

So finally my house bird has landed.
I have a confession to make. It’s a replica. Giant can of worms alert.

As I designer of course I do not agree with plagiarism, copies, knock offs etc. and I aspire to own only original pieces But [with a capital B]… Charles & Ray Eames [died 1978/88] are not benefitting from me buying a real bird. Are they? A company called Vitra is. And hey $230 or thereabouts for an [admittedly cool] non functioning object in these times is a flight of fancy isn’t it?
And here’s the rub. My husband hates it. He had a nasty incident with a Magpie as a kid and it freaks him out. So its been shelved [to my study] anyway. Kind of glad I saved some $$.
Aint gunna fly.

I found this interesting article + debate over Herman Miller [licensed Eames design suppliers] taking Matt Blatt [local Replica giant] to court last year.

So what do you think?  Where do you stand on replica vs original? I’m not going to judge…

John Perry pink flamingo house decoration from Palm Springs mid century

Da b-b-b-bird, bird bird, bird is the word!
[Peter Griffin doing Surfin Bird]


I have nothing against Dolphins personally [the only one I am familiar with is Flipper] but I’m just not that kind of chick.

Hearts, flowers, unicorns, teddybears, butterflies etc being the kind of greeting card cliches I avoid like the plague. [To steal a line from The Kite Runner]

Travelling through Europe one summer became a mission in dolphin spotting [tattoos that is]. The most notable was a dolphin with a rose in its teeth. I’m hoping it wasn’t yours.

So I surprised myself by admiring and then buying this guy.  I say guy because I am resisting the presumption that it is a girl. They seem like such feminine graceful elegant creatures. So much like myself I should appreciate them more [bull:- which is also what you call the male of the species].

Plus it was only a buck. It just has no porpoise…


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