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rolls royce jug concorde jet playing cards copy

For the gentleman who may or may not have everything.

The Rolls Royce of jugs. Men like jugs. I’ve heard.

While you’re at it, check out the BA Concorde Flight deck, still in plastic. Not something you see everyday. Or ever again…

And I’ll throw in a Rolex. It’s genuine. Swiss made.

Rolex Lucerne souvenir spoon

Heh. Just stirring. But we all love to spoon…

Have a fantastic Father’s Day guys.


But wait there’s more….

Bonus clip for all the Number One Dads and Seinfeld Lovers.

Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum

Little tubby and a fine boner. [China of course]

2 things I found on the same day. Left questioning my sanity but I do love this image.


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More that a mouthful’s a waste


Be cool, [Yolanda] D Cups

or hotter, whichever way you roll…

Not new but
I hope that you like this

what’s not to like…



Am I trying too hard? Possibly, but hey, like being overdressed, its not such a bad thing really, is it?

Mikasa Terra Stone in so many gorgeous shades. Circa 1970’s but so totally modern. The shape of the jugs [yes, I like jugs, I’ve announced it, its finally out there] is just perfect.

God I am a nerd…

Genuine 1966 advert courtesy of

Mug in Green Tea

Save the Greens from landfill

A spring tune, cos I’ve got nothing else…

This old ChesnuTT
The Seed (2.0) : THE ROOTS





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