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If one man’s trash is another man’s treasure as the cliche goes,
what happens when one wife’s treasure is one husband’s trash?

Her: [hand’s on hips]: Where’s my favourite wire basket?

Him: [casual] I threw it out. It was all rusty.

Her: [wailing] But it had the perfect amount of rust!

vintage mickey mouse help pin

My husband thinks I am a hoarder. It’s true.
True that he thinks I am. True that I am?

After watching episodes [in horror] or Hoarders and other similar shows. I think I am safe for now. Possibly not from D-I-V-O-R-C-E but from the clutches of this sad disorder.

According to the TLC website hoarding is a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. O.C.D.

Hoarding usually involves objects that have little if any value. Newspapers, old flyers and used food packaging and in extreme cases fingernails, hair and crap. And I mean that literally. Distressing but true apparently.

Professionals look for these three things when evaluating compulsive hoarders:

  1. An inability to discard objects coupled with anxiety if a hoarder does try to throw things away.
  2. Impaired ability to function due to hoarding.
  3. A cluttered living space that has become so filled with objects that it can’t be used effectively.


Every passion borders on the chaotic, but the collector’s passion borders on the chaos of memories.
Walter Benjamin


Hoarding is not the same as Collecting. In general, collectors have a sense of pride about their possessions [as opposed to embarrassment] and they experience joy in displaying and talking about them. They usually keep their collection organized, feel satisfaction when adding to it, [rather than sadness and shame] and budget their time and money whereas hoarders may be in debt.

Anxiety & Depression Association of America [ADAA]

It’s possible however, I may be a borderline Obsessive Compulsive Collector if I wanted to pay attention to Science A Go Go. Judging by the name I don’t think I do -do.  According to this link, collecting items can trigger O.C.D.  E.E.K!

You know you have a problem [don’t you?] if you can’t drive past a thrift/ Op Shop without swerving to a halt and dashing in [no matter how late you already may be] just to make sure you are not missing the next best new old thing.


Nothing makes me happier, than finding some great, unusual, and amusing thing.
John Rosselli

urban rustic label art

So I may be self-labelled mad or

vintage birkomatic in original box

berko/birko in this case but at least I am in good company.

Probably the most famous of all collectors being Andy Warhol whose possession obsession has eternal fame with 612 Time Capsules preserved forever at


I don’t think any collector knows his true motivation.
Robert Mapplethorpe

So…any ideas?  Collect your thoughts and let me know, please! xS

urban rustic old school dymo labeller business cardSome time ago in a space not far away…

I decided that my supercool vintage label maker was just too inefficient as a business card/ tagging device.

urban rustic stamped bus cards tags wood bg

Ok, ok, it was a long time ago [last  September]

witness yesterdays post on snails and doing it slowly…

urban rustic stamped bus cards spread

My stamps have arrived [also some time ago, it’s the getting around to this that has taken a while…]

 urban rustic stamped bus cards cu 2

One of the best pieces of advice I can apply truly to my own flawed procrastinating self comes from my husband’s hard core depression era [the first one] Boxing coach:

“Thinking about it aint gonna get it done”

So very true and so bleeding obvious. But like a fish slap in the face it’s what you might need occasionally. Why you ask? Meh.

I digress. As I do. No wonder nothing gets done. Except the boring bits. Like washing and folding. The eternal round of wiping counter tops, treading on lego and making food. etcetera etcetera.

urban rustic stamped bus cards cuSo yes, where was I? Stamps. Afraid of commitment. Sick of computing. [Yet here I am bashing away on a keyboard] Rebelling against my own profession as a Designer, I am going back to old school techniques…

urban rustic stamped bus cards

It’s been done before, I know, but you know, like whatever. As I said. I’m being rebellious. So observe if you will, dear readers, my business cards à la mode.

No two are alike, and yes, I can use child labor. Sweet. If I don’t get too bossy and art directy.

urban rustic free gift tag

So the point being, my stuff make great gifts. As they have tags. Ooooohh. Yes. And there’s some stickers somewhere too. Not happy with those, though. Too big and unfindable. Later. [Possibly much]


Some of my favourite designer labels.

Upgrade Patches

Add some sparks

Extra storage

Definitely powering off now…
[Copying this line from the Gruen Planet]

My new toy.

Old school Dymo Labeler & Tapes bought at Salvos Mona Vale $10

This business card isn’t going to win any innovation awards

but it is genuine, its 3d

the print run might be a bit slow however.

Hmm, my url doesn’t quite fit. I can make into an uber cool wristband though.

Some stamps might be on the cards.

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