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School Holidays? Yep it’s a rerun. And in no particular order…

Chunking up.
Collectable Carlton Ware Chocolate Chunk Mug $25

Anyone’s a mark, really.

Handmade/ handpainted Denim Mug $10
[Email me if you wanna be a one]


So retro it hurts.
Keg Mug circa 1970’s $5


Bunch of mugs. Old school types.


$10 each

Go the Tooheys!

Bottom of the barrel but full of pure 70’s bad taste.

The drink you have when you’re not having a drink.


Look familiar? My dad had one. This is not it.

Keg Mug $5+postage

Make yours Mark.

A discarded Handmade original.

Distressed? I am a little.
Too much personality? Probably.
Not a patch on those mass produced styles?

Whoever you are. I know your first name…

Come on marks, it looks like jeans, it can hold a drink. It’s got your name on it. What’s not to like? Do it for Andrew. Wherever his is.


Handmade Mark Mug $10+postage.


Mama she says Roly Poly
Papa he says Holy Moly
Everybody want a

[Soul Control]
Beware its sickeningly sweet.

Bit of a Lindt lover usually but succumbed to this glossy strangely irresistable piece.


Collectable Limited Edition
Carlton Ware Chocolate Chunk Mug.

Whats that Skip, you want a double mocca soy latte with a twist of lemon?

2 original Bessemer melamine mugs from the 70’s. I know, the one on top is mine, quite blurry and faded from years of love [not for sale], the bottom  one is mint

If you are wondering what the flaming heck I am talking about Ailsa?
Australiana by Austen Tayshus

California Dreaming…

Man’s man lady’s man

Clint Eastwood Supersized Mug. A postcard to someone

for your playlist Dirty Harry: Gorillaz if you haven’t got it already

How ug is this spoon?  Yet somewhat fascinating

if you like coffee

I do

Mikasa Terra-Stone Bristol Blue

Pyrex Mugs

CK two
[Cath Kidston, set of 6]

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