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triv·et: a usually metal stand with short feet for use under a hot dish.
Mirriam Webster

The best thing a Man can do for his children is love their Mother Trivet plaque

OK, so I know I said I don’t buy into the usual Hallmarky motivational stuff but hey, Mum’s need all the support they can get. Right?

A helpful piece to leave lying around the kitchen [or hang or stand],
it could get you out of a hot spot…

You can buy this here

I’m not sure why [the Dickens] I bought this, it’s too big to be an egg cup and nowhere near large enough for my chocolatary  [I know, not a real word] demands.


Fine China Fabergé wannabe. $20.

It never got up…


Melbourne Cup 2011:
My horse Lost in The Moment won the Porcelain Slipper

Nanna wants it back…

Check out the ‘Rhubarb’ Spoon, freaky but kind of cool.

More jugs!

All these florals too! I don’t actually have them in my house but I keep picking them up. Its the Libran in me…

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