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So this little [preloved aka sorta scratched] lunch box fell into my path [or I could say lap, cos you know lunch box, sitting down, laps, geddit?] only the day after my last post about vintage smiley badges, and putting on a happy face. Someone was smiling down on me I guess. Or it was just a happy accident. Anyway it was cute, it was smiling, it was there and it was a buck. Sold.
Might not be pink enough for Miss Lily but I’m sure I can find something to put in it. God knows I have enough stuff…

Can someone tell me how you do the yellow smiley face please please please?

Happy Birthday Australia. Here’s a few tinnies to celebrate.


Little Brit-tin.
[Maileg is Danish actually but you know, whatever, she’ll be right.]

cigarette tin

Not so old  but does seem a lifetime ago and a world away…

Free stuff from The Church London 1998 on my Birthday.
All signs point to hell yes.

tin stubbie holder duff beer can copy

Tin tinnie holder Eumundie Markets Qld. Duff beer. A short lived Aussie brew. It’s dented. Got dropped. D’oh. They are quite collectible.

vintage weet-bix tobacco milo tins

I met a strange lady, she made me nervous
She took me in and gave me breakfast

Lyrics: Ronald Strykert, Colin Hay

And now for something somewhat predictable but if you haven’t danced your drunken little head off to this track somewhere in the world on Australia Day at sometime in your life, then I suggest you are, indeed unAustralian. Come on…


 vintage cake pastry biscuits stacking containers

It’s my birthday.
Living it up with [free] afternoon tea here. Right now.

Stacks of Pastry, biscuits and cake.

I am fascinated by this carefree lady, her Missoni-esque plane furnishings and hi-tech inflight gizmo which probably will not affect navigational instruments etcetera etcetera.
I wonder where she is now and is she still playing with herself?

2 yellow magnetic pieces are missing which could be substituted with small magnets but I’m thinking it makes pretty awesome wall art as is.

My logo in 3d. Its taken a while for the universe to throw these 2 characters in my path.

I saw this vintage faux vintage sign at The Antique General Store
North Narrabeen.


@mattblatt showroom

I did not buy this. Redundant.

I considered this.

And wanted this [the bottomless coffee for 5c].



Pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag,
And smile, smile, smile,
While you’ve a Lucifer to light your fag,
Smile, boys, that’s the style.
What’s the use of worrying?
It never was worth while, so
Pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag,
And smile, smile, smile.

Here’s to our Champions. Lest we forget.

Back to school tomorrow in case you didn’t know.

Playtime closed.

Noticed the typo? More school definitely required…

I want to hang this on the wall of my country house, it’s been built already [somewhere] but it aint mine yet, consarn it.

Do you like my French? Non.

And no talking like a grizzled 1890’s Prospector either.


Great Brit-tins

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