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pink poodle at Venice beach

Salt and pepper don’t get to shake it much anymore. Out of flavour and replaced by the bland grind[er] of modern daily life.

PINK poodle salt and pepper palm tree copy copy

Discarded after a lifetime of table service somewhere, this well preserved and fabulous fifties item enjoy a spicy retirement, content with a new life on the shelf. My shelf. [Not for sale]


So where will your current Salt and Pepper Shakers be in 50 years? My grinders are definitely not heirloom pieces. Not even good looking enough to live life in the open, they get hidden away in the cupboard after every meal. This pink poodle and outrageously cool zebra chair shaker set is another story. A much cuter story. But I do like grinding fresh black pepper and Himalayan pink salt…

Sorry poochie, at least your looks saved you.
But you always knew that anyway didn’t you?



Not new. Classic though.

new zealand ironstone cup and sandwich plate retro airline meal set

Stewardess: Would you like some TWA Orange Juice, or some TWA Coffee?
Passenger: No thanks. But I wouldn’t mind some of your TWA Tea.

Even my jokes are vintage darling…


The ultimate in-flight/ in-house entertaining for the retro set.
A perfect cup [250mls] and über cool sandwich plate in glossy chocolate brown, good enough to eat.
Set of 2. Made in New Zealand in super sturdy ironstone.
[Bon Bon Candles by Universal.]

Get your hands on it now

I should cut down on milk [so yesterday] to use these über cool retro German numbers or find a sideboard to display them, expresso.


Espresso Cups  x 4 & Milk Jug
Stamped 27 [my favourite number]
Made in Germany


Bossy? Yes.
One dimensional? Perhaps, but they do know what they’re good for…

Am I trying too hard? Possibly, but hey, like being overdressed, its not such a bad thing really, is it?

Mikasa Terra Stone in so many gorgeous shades. Circa 1970’s but so totally modern. The shape of the jugs [yes, I like jugs, I’ve announced it, its finally out there] is just perfect.

God I am a nerd…

Genuine 1966 advert courtesy of

Mug in Green Tea

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