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My little girl is not so little anymore. Possible I may be in a teensy bit of denial so suddenly there’s a big time rush to get moving and get stationery. In the meantime I have found these fun but kind of not so practical items…

big wooden pencil sharpener holder suck uk
Giant pencil sharpener pencil holder by Suck UK spotted at Espresso 2108 Palm Beach. Used as sugar container. The lovely owner Sal has some very cute little bits and pieces on display. [They have a nice logo too, with a little help by yours truly] And great coffee. But that’s a given.

espresso coffee shop logo palm beach
universal paper clip paper weight notepapers

Giant paper clip by Universal, Oversized pencil from Gulliver’s Travels Press Kit.


And there’s my nearly 8 year old. He’s moving up into Primary. So old school is not such a big novelty. Still cool though.

pac man old school stapler & erasers

Pacman stapler from Santa, rubbers [or erasers if you prefer] from Freckles Avalon.

novelty tape dispenser J-me

Thrifted j-me tape dispenser. Washi tape from Tabletonic.

And now I get to me. [She whispers finally] Left soon with a lot more time to myself.  I’m getting a little edu-macation too.
At the School. The super talented and multi-skilled Megan Morton’s project/ business located happily next to Koskela and Kitchen by Mike. I’m starting with an Instagram course, because I am addicted and, I apologise people, I have been spending a lot more time on IG  at the moment than blogging. It’s  fun and quick and my camera is in for repairs so I’m i-phoning it.  After this class I’m pretty keen to do a screen printing session with Rachel Castle [who so brightly puts the love in the coconuts]

Rachel Castle artwork
So much to do… There and here. Everywhere.

So yes, a big week for all of us. Smiling and waving. And with a few tears probably.

green_toy boy in miniature brandy glass

A wee glass with toy boy and a little pizza.
What’s not to like?

: ]





Madonna & Child

I of III Triptych

Trolleyed? It is party season…

Not up for even a little shopping?

You could spend your time more cheerfully making mix tapes for presents. My brother made me one for a significant birthday and it was one of the best gifts I received. Use your own favourites or have a rummage through the second hand CDS from Charity Shops.

If you only pay a couple of dollars and then get one or two decent tracks to suck in, its cheaper than iTunes and for a good cause and, of course, recycling. Then send the disks back on their merry way when your done, everyone’s happy.

Here endeth the lesson

More that a mouthful’s a waste


Be cool, [Yolanda] D Cups

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