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It’s a question, it’s a statement, it’s an appeal.

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Sexying up the vessel. If I may.

Not even a real woody. Hand painted.

Oh My Gourd!

Chevron, so hot right now.

Pair of jugs.

De flower.



Drained. [2 half pints on 2 weeks school break.]

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Kitty once had money, now she’s a little rough round the edges.
A chip [or two] on the shoulder but this beauty has 9 lives.
Be one of them.

The Stig’s running on empty too.  Spent it all on top gear.

Both need saving[s].


NOT new kids on the block

Rosti:  Great Danish Duo
Mid Century still rocking

No Label: China
Not much up top

Saywell: Japan
Can’t sing, can’t dance, just stands all there all cool

Unsigned Artist:
Looking to branch out on his own

No snow this Christmas for us Aussies

but plenty of powder

for endless rounds of coffee and cake…

[powder coating of course]

White boys with a way round the house

Not good for heavy lifting but this one takes the cake

This guy likes to spoon. So does the little brother

Up for a salt, best avoided they say.
Looks like a bit of a you know what anyway…

The forceful type, oozes garlic…

A real stirrer, you need this tool like a hole in the head
he does perform though

Sheffield Steel workers, rough around the edges
but behave properly at the table

The traditional type, will leave you all mushy

Plate or platter? Small ones, must have been Arrested Development

For the Price of a Cup of Tea

I got a Porcelain Milk Carton Jug [small chip]

Matching Sugar bowl and Creamer

Bambi wannabe

For the price of a pint of milk

I’ll tell you all I know

About the state of the world today

Sit down, enjoy the show

Belle & Sebastian

A chicken and an egg are lying in bed.

The chicken is leaning back smoking a cigarette looking satisfied.

The egg grabs the sheet, rolls over and says “Well, I guess we finally answered THAT question.”

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