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mashed up mess of retro potato mashers 2

In the house that relies too heavily on bangers [not anthems] and mash for me to call myself a foodie and with 2.5 kids  to comfort feed it’s a subject of hot debate. Sadly.

Retro potato masher novelty peeler

The half man half child prefers to use this one.
It’s what he grew up with.

Orange seventies retro plastic potato masher  copy

My mum rocked this crazy seventies number…

skyline vintage blue potato masher mash copy copy

but this is me. A design classic. And totally the best masher. Like eva. Who’s with me?

Stay tuned for more hard hitting topics including tales from Spatula City



Yep it’s totally happening here.

white vintage plastic lace coaster

Not a fan of the drinks coaster?  Take another look.

cork dots coasters flipped   2 white_flower-suede laser cut flower coaster

Drinks… yes … Coast …yes, loving the coast…and to coast…Er… yes.
What’s not to like?

wooden retro flowers coaster

Another round.

3 black suede laser cut flower coasters   white vintage plastic lace coaster cu

Just banish those bad Jason memories. You know the ones?
Laminated images of tulips or birds or some such twee scene on a cork base.

Your Mother/ Auntie/ Nana might have them. Shudder, then spill your drink.

glass coaster wooden board

Clearly come in handy, wooden they?

plastic white coasters retro

Hip Nana style. Plastic not cotton for doily use. More shudders.
From sucky humour.

white_flowerz-suede laser cut flower coaster   single cork toast coaster
A toast.

ur coasting

Many toasts = toasted. Everyday.

white flower suede on white bg_smalelr

Well it is summer here…

And it’s Sydney not California though Bethany Cosentino.



Title says it all. Not much to add.
If I’m not making sense look it up in the urban dictionary.

Anything that brings Kurt Cobain and Queen Elizabeth onto the same page has to be a source of Jubilation, doesn’t it?
[Her Royal Highness and the Prince of Down-ness]


Its getting into dangerous territory but now I have a [small] collection of souvenir spoons. Some from places I have never seen.

I know, right?
Weird, daggy, a bit urggh. So anyway in Mona Vale Salvos, I found this in a basket . Three for a dollar. I am thinking this was probably the catalyst for someone’s lifetime collection. The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth 1953.

Sometimes second hand shopping is sad. Like you are pillaging someone’s birthrite that they don’t even want, but should.


Give me a Leonard Cohen afterworld
So I can sigh eternally…

Kurt Cobain, Pennyroyal Tea


Been thinking about this title for a bit, suddenly it seemed appropriate. No reason.

Age is not a problem.
In fact it’s charming, to be blunt.
Watch yourselves gentlemen.

Melon Baller. Circa 1950’s.


Predictable. Basic. A muscle job.

Hand beater.


Commando. Jungle mode.

Gird your loins.
Awesome that I get to say that.


Bamboo Nut Cracker

These hired hands might be a little outside their usual line of business
but they’ll show you’re a pro. Lock stock style.


Cheese Tools, Engraved

Ha, just stirring.

Got a couple extra, you want one? I like your face. Five bucks a piece.
You buy now. 

I’m not actually camping this Easter break, more urban than rustic perhaps…

Pannekins. Small Amounts.


Mini enamel mugs.

Take Billy, he keeps it steamy.


Enamel steamer. Excellent condition.

The only iron you need.


Vintage Jaffle Iron. Made in England.

Welsh Love God
my Grandmother picked up on her travels

Ms Turner, out of the fryer but still in deep…

Love Child.


Pink bits give some lift…

Extra support.


Homer: Marge, where’s that… metal deely… you use to… dig… food…

Marge: You mean, a spoon?

Homer: Yeah, yeah!

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