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Another failed attempt at trying to not become a Small Homeless Object Shelter…

Added small cart to cart.

Oniyon deviant art

Touched by the Hand of Gran

The aforementioned oversize inedible fruit bowl sans lemon.


List? Listless?

I didn’t make one. But I have resolved to be more grateful.

Anyone care to comment? Please do. Bueller, Bueller…


If you don’t think you’re happy enough…
[or you want to teach your Grandmother to suck eggs]

Trolleyed? It is party season…

Not up for even a little shopping?

You could spend your time more cheerfully making mix tapes for presents. My brother made me one for a significant birthday and it was one of the best gifts I received. Use your own favourites or have a rummage through the second hand CDS from Charity Shops.

If you only pay a couple of dollars and then get one or two decent tracks to suck in, its cheaper than iTunes and for a good cause and, of course, recycling. Then send the disks back on their merry way when your done, everyone’s happy.

Here endeth the lesson

Drain it


Basket case

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