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white vintage plastic lace coaster

Not a fan of the drinks coaster?  Take another look.

cork dots coasters flipped   2 white_flower-suede laser cut flower coaster

Drinks… yes … Coast …yes, loving the coast…and to coast…Er… yes.
What’s not to like?

wooden retro flowers coaster

Another round.

3 black suede laser cut flower coasters   white vintage plastic lace coaster cu

Just banish those bad Jason memories. You know the ones?
Laminated images of tulips or birds or some such twee scene on a cork base.

Your Mother/ Auntie/ Nana might have them. Shudder, then spill your drink.

glass coaster wooden board

Clearly come in handy, wooden they?

plastic white coasters retro

Hip Nana style. Plastic not cotton for doily use. More shudders.
From sucky humour.

white_flowerz-suede laser cut flower coaster   single cork toast coaster
A toast.

ur coasting

Many toasts = toasted. Everyday.

white flower suede on white bg_smalelr

Well it is summer here…

And it’s Sydney not California though Bethany Cosentino.



vintage wooden cotton reels knitting nancy

Stack of small vintage cotton reels

Vintage antique wooden cotton reels
Old spool style

Fred earphones wooden style cotton reel spool winder

or new spool.

Still wound up?
Fred Spooler: buy here


Sexying up the vessel. If I may.

Not even a real woody. Hand painted.

Oh My Gourd!

Chevron, so hot right now.

Pair of jugs.

De flower.



Must be crazy.
That’s a question and an order BTW.

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Little fella has his uses.

Can you handle this? Non bone…

various poses

The wooden spoon
[not coming first can be a good thing]

Oh honey…

Faking it…

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