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My summer romance with yellow continues
though the sunshine does not…

west german pottery retro mirror vintage furniture
[A sample of some items on my new website. Coming soon, if I can stop fussing.]

So it rains, and rains,  and now its autumn here in Sydney.

Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold…
The Outsiders Pg 107

[This weekend we are the Insiders!]

If you haven’t read S.E. Hinton’s teenage masterpiece [or seen the 80’s heartthrob-filled-to-the-max movie than I guess I’ve lost you.]

Let me just say I was in LOVE with Ponyboy. Totally. Was crazy about this book, must have read it 10 times, the story, the characters, the cover, the lot. I am ashamed to say I pretended to lose this copy and never returned it to the school library.

SE HInton vintage copy

I am sure I paid a fine but as the crazy Muscle Man from Regular Show says [lost you again?] It was worth it!

What a guy! [Not Muscle Man, lets be clear, though we’ve seen plenty of him this weekend too.]

Ponyboy Curtis. Sensitive, sunset loving track and field star who was tuff looking but soft and soulful on the inside. Be still my 14 year old heart. No wonder. SE Hinton was a 16 year old chick.  And boy did she nail it.


One morning I woke up earlier than usual. Johnny and I slept huddled together for warmth – Dally had been right when he said it would get cold where we were going. Being careful not to wake Johnny up, I went to sit on the steps and smoke a cigarette.The dawn was coming then. All the lower valley was covered with mist, and sometimes little pieces of it broke off and floated away in small clouds. The sky was lighter in the east, and the horizon was a thin golden line. The clouds changed from gray to pink, and the mist was touched with gold. There was a silent moment when everything held its breath, and then the sun rose. It was beautiful.

‘Golly’—Johnny’s voice beside me made me jump—’that sure was pretty.’
Yeah.’ I sighed, wishing I had some paint to do a picture with while the sight was still fresh in my mind. ‘The mist was what was pretty,’ Johnny said. ‘All gold and silver.’ ‘Uhmmmm,’ I said, trying to blow a smoke ring. ‘Too bad it couldn’t stay like that all the time.’ ‘Nothing gold can stay.’
I was remembering a poem I’d read once.

‘Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf,
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day
Nothing gold can stay.’

The Outsiders Pg 59


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say to you Mr Robert Frost that some gold things can stay. My wedding ring for one.
This concept had been unfurling in my mind for a few days, and then yesterday I stumbled on a box of these 1970’s gems at my local Red Cross. Lightbulb.
18 of them for $10. Gold! And yes they will one day crumble to dust but for now, it’s craft time…

craft books from the seventies 70s

Who am I kidding?  I haven’t done any craft, though I should like to.

It’s on the list. I saw these cute felt like playtime tea bags and cookies at Koskela recently. And it did occur to me that such a great yet simple idea could in fact be done by me at home. But then I thought, for $18
a] it won’t actually happen and
b] I should really give credit and support to the clever and hard working somebodies who created and put these products out there.
So I have more time to sit down and admire them with these sunny Corning mugs and my little girl. Guilt free too.

felt like playtime & yellow corning mugs copy
Kids in yellow rain coats_2Kids in yellow rain coats

I’ve been thinking about it, and that poem, that guy that wrote it, he meant you’re gold when you’re a kid, like green.When you’re a kid everything’s new, dawn. It’s just when you get used to everything that it’s day…

The Outsiders Pg 127


vintage pineapple shaped tool

Not exactly new news, you may have noticed pineapples are flavour of the moment. As they should be during high summer here in Australia.

Not to mention being fabulous icons of vintage beach chic.


I picked up the v. hi tech pineapple slicer above for 20c at a Church fete in Killara. Amazed I found how to use it on the net.

Works a treat, one slice at a time.
A cute little Aussie invention from the 70’s.

pineapple ice cube copy

Also scored some cool ice cube trays for 10c each. Was hoping to put them in a drink but they melted too quickly to photograph. Looked like yellow blobs almost immediately.

Anyway discovered I like photographing without using real food. Not sure when and why it happened [probably because I love novelties] but it’s kind of a thing with me now.  I’ll leave the food styling to the professionals. For now, happy to be an unreal food stylist. Heh.


Vintage style red & white paper straws Kikkerland, Fruit flexi straws by Alpen. Crystal glass from Aldi.


My hand picked yummy pineappley tastes.

Midori Splice 

30 ml Midori melon liqueur
30 ml Malibu coconut rum
top with pineapple juice
30 ml cream

Pour all ingredients over ice in a tall glass. Float fresh cream last.

So nice.

Remember this classic? One of the last times I had this cocktail I ended up trolleyed. Literally. Tumbling out of a shopping trolley into the gutter.
Not so nice.

It was a long time ago…
[Lyrics from Pineapple Head by Neil Finn, Crowded House 1994]

By the way the Urban Dictionary defines a pineapple head as:
Someone who is really really smart but at the same time really really dumb…

My favourite pineapple head [who lives in a Pineapple under the sea].


My mini pineapple plant. Sweet.

cast iron pineapple bookendstable tonic pineapple lamp_cropped2

And if you choose to take that path…

Cast iron bookends from Rust Avalon. [online shop coming soon].
I like these.

And I’ll clutch at your heart…

But I absolutely love the lamp. And in my favourite colour too.

…like a spark to inflame you…
Available from Table Tonic shop Avalon only [not online].
Photo from TT blog, source Adore Magazine


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Inspired by the ‘thrifting’ [in Australia we Op-Shop] of this excellent edition:

comes some other Lemon related stuff…

Bought this for $1 at Avalon Red Cross [to go in my weird bowl of oversize inedible fruits.]
Love that it in the end I broke it before it got home. Obviously a true lemon, a real dud, or maybe I am.

On the subject of duds…

This is Liz Lemon. On Jury Duty. [But not as the Rural Juror]
The best female character on TV since Elaine Benes.

Ep 3 Series 3 BLIND DATE:

Jack [Alec Baldwin]:  How was your evening with Thomas?

Liz Lemon [Tina Fey]: You mean Gretchen Thomas, the brilliant plastics engineer slash lesbian? What made you think I was gay?

Jack: Your shoes.

Liz Lemon: Well I’m straight.

Jack: Those shoes are definitely bi-curious.

Liz Lemon: Regardless, I am straight. One-hundred precent completely straight.

Jack: Well I’m sorry if I offended you.’


Lemon Spread

I found this recipe but I’m a fraud as I have never made lemon curd in my life. I’m sure it’s good though, being Jamie Oliver’s.

What I know about Lemons without using Wikipedia & Google:

Lemon trees smell amazing.

Half a lemon juice in hot water first thing in the morning and last thing at night is good for the digestion & complexion.

A natural bleaching agent.

Kick a Germ Juice:
Juice 1 Lemon, 2 or 3 cloves Garlic, Grated Ginger similar amount to garlic, a teaspoon or 2 of Honey [preferably Manuka or a non pasteurised non supermarket variety] & add crushed Panadol if you are inclined. Leave to stand for a bit in an infuser, strain or drink it all for those not afraid of lumpy bits.
[Can’t remember who owns this recipe, got it off an NBN Television morning show I worked on a long time ago.]

To remove rust marks off clothing pour lemon juice over then cover with salt and leave in the sun. This really works.

Its good for cleaning I believe. Might have to google that.

Losing my zest…Lemon out.


Sunshine on a rainy day

Oh Yeah


Even more beautiful…

Yeah they were all yellow

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