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on cloud 9

rustic tin emamel cloud small tray Cloudstreet

1. one fine tray: rustic but happy. urban rustic store

Tim Winton Cloudstreet

2. Cloudstreet by Tim Winton. 21st Anniversary Edition

long island ice tea cloudy glass

3. improve a dreary day with a cloudy: Mrs Baxters Long Island Ice TeaSweet & Sour Mix

4. a single cloud tumbler Hoya Corporation Japan, vintage drinks swizzlers

Waechtersbach West German pottery canister clouds

5. cloud container: Waechterbach canister, West German pottery. urban rustic store

6. Dojo Rising, latest release Cloud Control, June ’13. Love on first listen.

cloudy pinterest board

7. I cloud pinterest @ urban rustic

Johnson Bros Blue Cloud Floral_bowl

8. visit the Land of the Long Blue Cloud urban rustic collection

9. O Mi Glob, everyone’s favourite Cloud Princess [possibly the only] LSP, Adventure Time.

Getting the lump outta here…


urban rustic advent calendar

The first time I’ve made an advent calendar and it became quite an event in the end. As usual, with my ‘simple’ projects I got a little carried away.

But I did get the kids on stamp detail and tried not to Art Direct too much. Seed packets filled with mini highlighters, erasers, stickers, tiny thrifted toys, occasional candy canes and chocolate Santas. I had to pad them out with more treats then intended as there were 48 bags in total!

advent calender wide


Stamp set & red string: Little Paper Lane

Seed packets & star stamp: Officeworks

1-24 Tags: Maileg from I Am Kidz, Avalon

Lego Finn Adventure Time

And other things you do on the first day of summer [was it ever] with a not so well 7 & 3/4 year old little dude.
Lego Finn the human from Adventure Time. [Cartoon Network]
The fun never ends…

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