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Serving up another Throwback Thursday remix

Japanese Royal Aurum souvenir Los Angeles

California dreamin on such a winters day…

The Mama’s in the house, Sydney side with the band [aka the kids]

& The Papa? 90210 [safe and warm in LA]

The Beverly Hills souvenir plate made in Japan.
Thrifted last year in Brookvale, Australia. The irony.

Don’t you just love it?
shop here

Memphis Dasch_Art Deco teaset Japan sprinkles pattern

So what exactly does this piece, Memphis by Dasch Japan

Gracelands souvenir, miniature blue suede shoes

and this piece from Memphis, a souvenir from Gracelands, have in common?
Not so much. Considering the post-modern Milan-originated movement [1981-1985]  had nothing to do with the city of Memphis, or The King or blue suede shoes.

But Kitschness? Yes. After decades of modernist doctrine, the Memphis group liberated  themselves from the confines of smart, but soulless ‘good taste’ in design. They experimented with uncoventional materials, historic forms, kitsch geometric motifs and gaudy colours.

geometric pattern red black white

Ettore Sottsass, the leader of Memphis design was ‘quoting from suburbia’. ‘Memphis is not new, Memphis is everywhere.’

Like the polarising Memphis movement, where you were either for it, or against it,  Mrs Mia Wallace [Uma Thurman] in a deleted scene from Pulp Fiction, makes a similar definitive statement:  you are either an Elvis person or a Beatles person.


fat baby Elvis lookalike_side

Although I’m a massive John Lennon fan, I think it’s fair to say I’ve been influenced by the latter Memphis King from an early age. Uh-huh, that’s me. Rock on fat baby girl Elvis. Sadly I lost the shock of black  hair…

But I do have some blue suede shoes [full size too], my second pair as someone souvenired the first ones on a film shoot. Rude.
You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes… 

I hope I didn’t bore you too much with my life story.
Elvis Presley


So what kind of person are you? And what do you think of that tea set?
Thank you, thank you very much…

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Japanese Royal Aurum souvenir Los Angeles

The irony.
My husband just returned from there. Today I find this in Brookvale Salvos. Not like, California.

Two somewhat different shopping experiences… la la la.


Vintage gold trim Beverly Hills souvenir plate.

Royale Aurum
[Made in Japan]


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