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blue monday cobalt glass small

This original Swedish number smashed overnight by little hands as it was soaking in the sink. No joy.

But 30 years since the seminal electronic dance classic Blue Monday, New Order announce a new album due out this year.  That could make me feel better.

NME/ how we wrote Blue Monday

Apologies for the noise. Seems appropriate. My camera’s also having a bad day # Iphoneography

Vintage blue glass snail ornament urban rustic

new order. Snail mail.

And as a bonus, because I love to add something extra:
not your garden variety cover version…

Ironic and kinda typical/ symbolic that by the time I am ready to post it is no longer Monday. Yes, I set a cracking pace. Not. And then my laptop battery dies…

Tell me now how do I feel…

iitala finnish tea lights blue kivi set And to Finnish iitala tea light candle holders.

2 pairs of  [1 set Kivi]  in light blue. $20 for each pair [+post] .
Email me if interested. I can’t sell them in my Esty shop as they are non vintage. And my own urban rustic shop is coming along, slowly but not at speed of snail. I’ll keep you posted…

Look out. Summer’s in the air. Genius.

Come on Sydney bring it all…
The good, the bad, and

what the Doctor ordered.

If you’ve run out of bottles you can always pull out the jugs.
Full of course.


I picked these flowers for $4, Lifeline Mona Vale.

Lucky enough to have seen the real Irises by Vincent van Gogh with my own eyes.
It sold for $53.90 million in 1987 to Alan Bond who  did not have enough money to pay for it. Later re-sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. It sits at Number 10 on the list of most expensive paintings ever sold.


Passed up this print for $20 because I didn’t much like the frame or the typography.
Now have Regret seeing as the glass and the image alone were worth more.
Don’t you hate that?

I have nothing against Dolphins personally [the only one I am familiar with is Flipper] but I’m just not that kind of chick.

Hearts, flowers, unicorns, teddybears, butterflies etc being the kind of greeting card cliches I avoid like the plague. [To steal a line from The Kite Runner]

Travelling through Europe one summer became a mission in dolphin spotting [tattoos that is]. The most notable was a dolphin with a rose in its teeth. I’m hoping it wasn’t yours.

So I surprised myself by admiring and then buying this guy.  I say guy because I am resisting the presumption that it is a girl. They seem like such feminine graceful elegant creatures. So much like myself I should appreciate them more [bull:- which is also what you call the male of the species].

Plus it was only a buck. It just has no porpoise…


No Order

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