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Ever wondered what is it with Christmas and mushrooms?
Probably not, there are more pressing issues…

According to Cosmic Jimmy  the reason why red and white presents are put under a green pine tree is a symbolic tribute to the wonderful religious-vision-inducing mushrooms to be found beneath.

red spots cup mushrooms mario

Amanita muscaria  [the cute spotty red and white mushrooms we love to draw as kids] are hallucinogenic.
Donald Pfister, a Harvard biologist suggests these mushrooms are actually the source of jolly  St. Nick.

Basically the ancient shamans in the Far East and the reindeer — were known to eat these mushrooms. Man and beast alike were off their face, perhaps flying?

Well it is quite a trip, Santa speeding around the world in one night.
His productivity is unbelievable. I’ll have what he’s having…
You can listen/ or read the NPR radio story here

red enamel plate maileg mushroom spots mario

Anyway whatevs, they are cute, they are spotty, and I do love a spot anywhere clear of the facial area.

The mushrooms worshipped in our house however, are more the Mario variety.

blue felt & red pencil sharpener mushrooms copy copy
And these cute felty ones from Mark Tuckey Home.
Also a special hellooo to Jocelyn @  Home Tome.
Hey, you’re just too fungi for me….


urban rustic advent calendar

The first time I’ve made an advent calendar and it became quite an event in the end. As usual, with my ‘simple’ projects I got a little carried away.

But I did get the kids on stamp detail and tried not to Art Direct too much. Seed packets filled with mini highlighters, erasers, stickers, tiny thrifted toys, occasional candy canes and chocolate Santas. I had to pad them out with more treats then intended as there were 48 bags in total!

advent calender wide


Stamp set & red string: Little Paper Lane

Seed packets & star stamp: Officeworks

1-24 Tags: Maileg from I Am Kidz, Avalon

Lego Finn Adventure Time

And other things you do on the first day of summer [was it ever] with a not so well 7 & 3/4 year old little dude.
Lego Finn the human from Adventure Time. [Cartoon Network]
The fun never ends…

Good will bunting
Happy Christmas beautiful friends

Enjoy each other’s presence

Maileg: Divine Children’s Toys


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