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Mostly Delft with some Oktoberfest [what’s left of it] thrown in the mix…

KLM Amsterdam house bottles Dutch kids
In the prime of their musical youth…

Delft ceramic clogs blue white plate 2Hans giant Delft clog Amsterdam KLM bols

Hans passed on the left hand side
Delft beer steins and German HB Munich beer fest copydutch couple kissing blue white Delft platebig blue clog dutch girl steins delft 2Delft koffie coffee grinder mini clogs beans

The Koffie grinder’s clogged up…

dag [=bye]

Really really really, ridiculously good looking. Just can’t turn left.

Zoolander jugs can't go left


Like most models these guys have a flawed side. Not good as ambi-turners but no need to ditch ’em.

A cracked bottom here, a chipped lip there, maybe a hairline fracture and the odd scar it’s just a matter of showing the best side.
Still so hot right now.

Zoolander jugs cant turn left

Orange Mocha Frappuccino anyone?

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