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Thonet Mid Century Modern chairs turquoise
Does anyone else get sooo annoyed by the Eames Era phrase?
A sneaky ploy used in online auctions that should be reported any time you see it. Some people may do it without thinking much but it’s as bad as Chanel style, Gucci lover and so on. It’s not right.
Kinda fraud in my mind.

Mid Century modern Thonet Chair moulded ply arms
These gorgeous chairs are originals made by Thonet New York, bought on Ebay [freight was ridic but I love love love them] and certainly Eames inspired but mid-century modern is the more accurate description.

Jonathan Adler hanging & thonet chair
Speaking of Eames-inspired…
I’m copying my New Year’s Resolutions straight from the philosophy of Ray & Charles Eames.
It’s a great list for design and life in general.

1. Keep good company
2. Notice the ordinary
3. Preserve the ephemeral
4. Design not for the elite but for the masses
5. Explain it to a child
6. Get lost in the content
7. Get to the heart of the matter
8. Never tolerate “O.K. anything.”
9. Remember your responsibility as a storyteller
10. Zoom out
11. Switch
12. Prototype it
13. Pun
14. Make design your life… and life, your design.
15. Leave something behind.

Happy New Year and thxxx to all you lovely followers. UR awesome!
I’m excited. It’s gonna be great.

♥ Sandy

My partner has gone flying for business reasons jargon jargon jargon synergy jargon. 30 Rock anyone?
Anyone? Bueller…Bueller… Fry…Fry?

This is what I would like in return for minding the nest.

1x Eames House Bird.


Fine Print [offer must include at least 1 pref. 2 of the below]

1x Agent Provacateur Perfume

1 x pair of Michael Kors/ Kenneth Cole/ Max & Co  will accept Miu Miu nude leather flats size 39

1 x Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes [Macys]

1x CK Eternity [you know it]

1 x Mac Lipglass in Apple something

1 x pair Tweezerman

that is all


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